Statement from William J. Kelly – Governor in 2014?

Bill_headshot_1I was very seriously exploring the possibility of running for governor on the Constitution Party ticket and I was honored and humbled by the support on the Draft William Kelly for Governor Facebook page. However, I had a very specific fundraising goal I wanted to meet before I made such a commitment. Unfortunately, I was not able to make that goal in time for today’s Constitution Party Convention and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mike Oberline on his nomination to be the Constitution Party’s candidate for governor. This election year is unlike any election year that I have seen in my 20 plus years of being active in conservative Republican politics in Illinois.  There is no doubt that anything could happen this year.  If I can meet my fundraising goals, there is still the possibility that you could see the name William J. Kelly as an independent conservative candidate for governor on the November ballot alongside Pat Quinn, Mike Oberline, and Bruce Rauner.

Thank you for your generous support as we work to reform the State of Illinois.


If Bruce Rauner Hijacks the GOP Primary, I Promise…

“If Bruce Rauner hijacks the GOP primary, I promise there will be an independent conservative candidate in the general election in 2014.”

When I ran statewide as a GOP candidate in 2010, I said that 2010 was the last, best chance to save the Illinois Republican Party. It was true then and it is true now.

Unfortunately, we now know that Pat Brady, the chairman of the Illinois GOP, was not working in the interests of the Illinois Republican Party, its platform, or GOP voters. As a result, we failed to nominate the right candidates, we lost the governor’s mansion, and, of course, we also lost the remap.

In 2012, in another last ditch effort, I ran to be Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party.

Now in 2014, we really don’t have anything to fight for. But we do have one thing to fight against: To prevent Rahm Emanuel’s candidate for governor from obtaining control of the Illinois Republican Party.

I guarantee you this – if Bruce Rauner is the GOP nominee for governor, you will see an independent conservative candidate in the general election in 2014.

If you are a principled conservative, libertarian, or Republican voter, join us!

We do not need to submit to Rahm Emanuel or his Democrat Party donors who have been buying up the Illinois GOP at bargain basement prices.

Illinois conservative and GOP voters deserve a real choice in the general election – they deserve a candidate who actually believes in smaller government, the power of the free market, and the sanctity of life. A candidate who has not been part of Illinois’ corrupt insider pay-to-play culture. A candidate with integrity and principles.

If you believe, as I do, that Illinois conservative voters deserve a real choice in the 2014 election, support this effort today. To that end, we are forming a new committee to raise funds for this effort and are establishing a new website for donations.

Until the new committee is established, donations are also being collected here.

Please contribute as generously as you can and volunteer now. Rahm Emanuel’s candidate for governor, Bruce Rauner, is spending millions of dollars to buy GOP groups and conservative organizations.

But it is not too late to stop Rauner. Help us now so that it will not be necessary to run an independent conservative candidate for governor later.


William J. Kelly
Reform Illinois Now