Battery report filed with Chicago Police Department

(CHICAGO) – Sunday morning ex-Illinois Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka formally kicked off her campaign for Illinois Comptroller at Ina’s Restaurant in Chicago. Her conservative opponent in the February 2nd GOP primary, William J. Kelly, appeared at the kick-off outside with a statement about Topinka. “Illinois voters have already officially and unequivocally rejected Judy Baar Topinka,” said Kelly. “Under her leadership as party head, Topinka single-handedly destroyed the Illinois Republican party. She is definitely not the future of the Republican party or Illinois.”

Angered by Kelly’s appearance, a campaign official, believed to be Topinka’s campaign manager, saw Kelly outside the restaurant. Kelly was being interviewed by reporters from WBBM and WGN when the confrontation took place. The Topinka campaign official yelled at Kelly and shoved a video camera into the face of  Steve Ruggiero.  Ruggiero is part of Kelly’s staff and a U.S. veteran, who served two tours in Iraq and received two bronze stars. A police report, #HR 607258, has been filed with the Chicago Police department.

“This is the Comptroller’s race, not the WWE.  We are not going to be intimidated by the old style politics Topinka campaign or anyone else,” said Kelly.  “This is truly a campaign of old versus new, corruption versus reform.”

Cited recently by the Washington Times as a new breed of media entity, William J. Kelly was previously the Executive Director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, an affiliate of the National Taxpayers Union. He ran for Congress against Rep. Bobby Rush (D) in 1994 and exposed the Congressman’s $50,000 in back taxes, child support, and unpaid parking tickets. Kelly is the host and executive producer of the TV series, “Sportsaholic” and the Emmy award-winning “Upscale TV,” which just completed a successful three-year run on FOX.

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