Kelly says IL Constitutional Provisions Provide Pols “Cover for Self-Interest”

Statement by William J. Kelly, GOP Candidate for Illinois Comptroller

“Today students from around Illinois gathered in Springfield to protest the cuts to the state MAP grants. 138,000 students from low and working and middle class families have been affected by the cuts. Now comes word that the Illinois House has voted to fund the MAP Grants but without the money to pay for it. Add to this, the state cuts on veterans’ educational benefits and prisons and it is clear to see where our current lawmakers’ priorities are. ”

“What are the priorities? Continuing to fund an excessive and corrupt state pension system to the tune of $800 million a month and borrowing $3.5 billion in order to fund this year’s opportunistic public pension system in accord with ‘convenient’ constitutional provisions that bar cuts to these excesses.”

“With almost 4,000 retired state workers collecting $100,000 or more a year, more than half collecting more than $1million each, many double dipping from two or more government pension plans at Illinois taxpayer expense, retirees being paid more than their original salaries, and early retirement – this is bloated political corruption, opportunism, and self-interest at its worst.”

“Those who claim to be our public servants – all sitting lawmakers and former office holders like Judy Baar Topinka should see their pay and generous taxpayer-funded pension plans cut. They should agree to these cuts willingly. They should refund their past excesses. Moreover, public servants from across the spectrum should never have been ‘awarded’ the majority of these disproportionate retirement plans to begin with. With state pensions $90 billion underwater already, this system must change now before more students and veterans see their educational benefits cut or more prisoners are let go due to ‘necessary’ budget cuts.”

Kelly notes that Topinka, who is running for comptroller, makes $141,482 – 23 percent more than what she made when she left the state Treasurer’s office in 2007 according to news reports.

“The future of Illinois, its citizens, families, and children is at a crossroads. It is about time that we took that seriously. It is time that our representatives – current, former, and those running for office like Judy Baar Topinka – begin to see service as a means to reform and not an end to profit. Let’s put these representatives and candidates on the record and see where their true priorities are.”

“This is just another example of why we need people with actual business experience in state government and running the Comptroller’s Office.”


William J. Kelly is running on a political platform to be Illinois’ first “activist” comptroller.




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