(CHICAGO ) – Champion News’ Jack Roeser has been promoting false reports on his website that GOP Comptroller candidate William J. Kelly is exiting the Comptroller’s race.  This week, Roeser’s website continued to list the false story even after Kelly’s campaign issued a strong statement that he was “in the race until the end.”

During a radio show on Sunday, Roeser called Kelly a “scared rabbit” and said that Kelly should withdrawal from the race.  “Jack Roeser and I have known and dealt with each other for decades,” said Kelly. “So I find all of his statements very strange.”

To wit, on Monday, Roeser posted an article that praised and clarified Kelly’s record of conservative activism and has said that Kelly is a “decent man whom I have known for 20 years.”  Despite this, Roeser has continued to help perpetuate rumors and innuendo against Kelly that many are viewing as unseemly to the Champion News’ reputation.

As to Roeser’s statement that Kelly is a “scared rabbit,” Kelly says, “I challenge Jack Roeser to have me live on his radio program to set the record straight this Sunday. Then we will shall see who the scared rabbit really is.”

William J. Kelly is the former executive director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois and was recently profiled in the Washington Times. He is a successful entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning TV production company and currently hosts a multi-state sports TV series, “Sportsaholic.” For information, visit www.friendsofwilliamjkelly.com.



  1. Bill
    you are right Jack Roeser did state that he talk to you & Mr Dodge about you droping out of the race. he also stated that you change you mine about droping out of the race.
    I do think you should stay in the race. you did all th ahard work to get on the ballot. and you supports will be disapointed if you do.
    And I know Joe Herrick of Niles will be very disapionted if you drop ot of the race

    Paul Bonilla
    48th Ward Committeeman/City of Chicago

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