Comptroller Candidate Says Opponent is   Stalking Horse  

(CHICAGO) – GOP Comptroller candidate William J. Kelly is calling out his primary opponent, Jim Dodge, for campaign contributions to Judy Baar Topinka (R-IL) and Orland Park Mayor, Democrat Dan McLaughlin. “We need real reform in Illinois,” said Kelly. “We don’t need anymore backroom politics and that is what my two Republican opponents are all about.”  

 The Illinois Board of Election lists Dodge’s contribution of $500 to Topinka and multiple contributions totaling $1300-$2300 to McLaughlin, facts which corroborate Kelly’s contention that his opponent double-deals with Democrats and was put in the race to help Topinka win the February 2010 primary.  “We were right all along and now we have the proof,” said Kelly.  

Supporters of Dodge have been mounting an Internet smear campaign against Kelly. Last week, Dodge supporters also circulated false reports that Kelly was exiting the race. But Kelly says he is in the “race until the end to give Republican primary voters a real reform option.”  

Kelly’s race against Topinka, a liberal Republican, mirrors the civil war in the Republican party taking place on the state and federal levels across the country, most recently in the NY-23 special congressional election pitting Dede Scozzafava against conservative Douglas Hoffman.  Kelly is also working with a national Facebook group called, Rid the Republican Party of R.I.N.O’s, a group that has made Topinka’s defeat one of their objectives.   “2010 is the best chance Illinois has to put conservative reformers in office and save Illinois from corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse of the public’s trust,” said Kelly. “But in order for true reform to take place, we need real reformers – not fake ones – running for office like Judy Baar Topinka or her cronies,” said Kelly. “This is the same underhanded political tactics of the past that the voters are rejecting and, today, I am calling it out for what it is.”  

 William J. Kelly is the former executive director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois. He is an entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning TV production company and currently hosts a multi-state sports TV series, “Sportsaholic.” For information, visit



  1. Calling Dodge a RINO or saying he is just there to Keep Kelly out is ridiculous! I support the Kelly campaign as I continue to research the candidates and if there is one thing that both of you agree on is that Topinka needs to be sent to the GOP retirement home. Can you REALLY criticize Dodge for supporting the republican candidate for governor against Blago? I mean couldn’t someone than say that Kelly supported Blago by not backing the candidate running against Blago? Both arguments are ridiculous.
    As far as donating to a democrat mayor of Orland Park, does it make someone a RINO because they donated to someone that they work with frequently as a village trustee? Maybe a bad call but maybe he just saw something in a mayor that was beyond party and instead was looking out for the greater good of a Village that has continued to keep property taxes low and encouraged business.
    On FB Steve says that before 3 months ago no conservative had heard of Dodge. Well that may just show how little you know about the rest of the state. Dodge has been active in Orland Township since the 80’s as a Vice-Chairman for the Young Republicans, GOP Commiteeman, and then elected as a Village trustee. I would also point out that before the campaign VERY few people had heard of Kelly either outside of his circle, but the same could be said of Adam A (for Governor), along with most of the conservative candidates for office. This should be looked at as a resume booster, usless Kelly thinks that the only ones who should be in the race are the party regulars with name recognition. If that is the case than he should withdraw along with Dodge and let Topinka have it.
    Please keep up the fight so that the citizens of Illinois can have the best candidates but please don’t use such a petty and foolish argument as donating to a republican gubenetorial candidate as a way to imply someone is a RINO. It cheapens the importance of removing true RINO’s (like Dillard, Topinka, and Shillerstrom).

    1. The short answer is – yes, we can criticize Dodge for his support of Topinka after years of knowing about her activity in the Republican party. If you know someone is bad, you don’t support them. That is the problem with the Republican party. It isn’t a party of choices – it is a party of lesser evils. I feel bad for Orland Park that the politicians have made it a cesspool for infighting and Dodge has contributed to that. Double-dealing with Democrats and supporting bad Republicans – cannot be the future. It must be the past…or things will never change. In terms of your comments, you didn’t allow our administrator to even reply and instead complained that we were censoring. I guess, like your support of Kelly’s opponents, you might want to look before you leap and not continue to support bad candidates and false notions before you investigate the facts.

    2. Dodge is a RINO. Period. He has a history of supporting bad Republicans and RINOs and Democrats over Republicans. That is not being a conservative and that is not being a Republican. It is indefensible. You can’t call yourself a conservative if you’ve never done anything conservative. And being appointed to a hack political position like the Metra board and calling yourself a businessman doesn’t cut it. Sorry. That’s not being a true conservative or being bold or courageous in any sense of the word.


  2. Thanks, you have helped make my decision to vote for Dodge over Kelly. By deleating my previous post (as I am sure you will do with this one) you show that you don’t care about the facts and only want to create your own spin to make you look like the only campaign with conservative values. Like you say, facts are stubborn things, but I guess you don’t really care about the facts unless they belong to you! Dodge gets my vote now thanks to your unwillingness to let others voice their oppinion on your site.

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