Chicago’s Major Convention Losses Could Be Our GOP’s Gain

William J. Kelly, GOP Candidate for Illinois Comptroller

With Chicago swiftly losing its convention business – two major trade shows now and counting at the politically-tainted Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority known as McPier due to backroom deals, convention price-gouging, and escalating taxes – is there any hope for Chicago and Illinois’s convention business? As GOP candidate for Comptroller, I have an answer and, of course, it involves a party: The Republican Party. As the Chicago Sun-Times reported today, I had the opportunity to speak with RNC Chairman Michael Steele, about bringing the Republican National Convention to Chicago in 2012. He said, “Yes…But win some elections first.”

After the city’s loss of the 2016 Olympics, bringing the Republican National Convention to Chicago in 2012, would definitely be a boon to the Illinois and Chicago economies. I love Chicago and Illinois and there is nothing that would make me happier than to find ways to encourage business to come here and create economic wealth and prosperity for our citizens. But bringing a major event like the Republican National Convention would force also McPier to clean up its act. That kind of national scrutiny could shine a light on the backroom politicking and political hackery that has ruined Chicago’s convention business.

Plus what better symbol of the GOP’s comeback in 2012 then to have the Republican National Convention in Barack Obama’s backyard. It just doesn’t get any better than that.


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