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Photo of Kelly by Chicago News Bench

FOX News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” discusses conservative activist and Republican candidate for Illinois Comptroller, William J. Kelly, and his attempt to remove the state of Illinois’ atheist display. The ACLU’s holiday display includes an atheist sign, next to the Christian nativity, which states that “There are no gods… Religion is myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.” Kelly said the sign was hate speech and that Governor Pat Quinn and atheists need to attend some “sensitivity training.”

The blog, Hot Air, has done a powerful commentary in support of Kelly’s actions arguing against the state of Illinois’ anti-religious bias. Since his attempt to remove the sign, Kelly has been under attack by Illinois officials, mainstream media in Illinois, and some establishment Republican party insiders.

Kelly says that he is not surprised that he is under attack from the mainstream media who have a deep bias against people of faith and conservatives in general. “I’m not afraid of them or their criticisms,” said Kelly. “That is why I am standing up for conservative and Christian principles during this holiday season and have every day,” said Kelly.

William J. Kelly is running on a platform to be Illinois’ first “activist” comptroller. He is the former executive director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois. He is also an  entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning TV  production company and currently hosts and produces the multi-state sports TV series, “Sportsaholic.” For information, visit


But Some Are More Equal Than Others

The Freedom from Religion Foundation says it simply wants all religions to be treated equally, including the religion of Atheism. (On second thought, they might object to being called a religion.) If the Illinois state government allows one religious symbol, a nativity scene, in the state Capitol, surely it must allow the religious or philosophical symbols of all other religions: a menorah, a crescent and star, or whatever would symbolize the sincerely held beliefs of atheists… the Great Black Bowling Ball of Oblivion, perhaps.

Obviously Mr. William J. Kelly, candidate for Comptroller of Illinois, wildly overreacted and displayed unlawful religious discrimination when he called the simple, heartfelt statement of first principles of the Freedom from Religion Foundation “hate speech” — and dared turn their little sign about so it couldn’t be read, at least temporarily (I’m sure someone would have turned it back eventually):

As to Kelly’s claims that the sign mocks religion, foundation co-President Dan Barker said: “He’s kind of right, because the last couple of sentences do criticize religion, and of course, the beginning is a celebration of the winter solstice. But that kind of speech is protected as well — speech that is critical and speech that is supportive.”

Protected, yes; but not necessarily hosted. If the FRFF wants to put up a sign on private property proclaiming the falsity of Christianity and Judaism — or of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Wicca, though those other religions never seem to provoke such Vesuvian eruptions from the FRFF, the ACLU, or the United Separators (sorry, I meant Americans United for the Separation of Church and State) — let them.

But if they want to express themselves in a display in a public space devoted (for a time) to celebrations of religious faith, then let them simply state what they believe without mocking, attacking, deriding, or spitting on other faiths.

Read the entire Hot Air commentary in defense of William J. Kelly here:




Cheers to you...from Ronald Reagan

Dear Friends,

 We appreciate the support of true conservatives and regular people hungry for reform.  The ugly smear campaign by the Dodge campaign and Jack Roeser does not dignify a response.  Everyone knows that I am a life long conservative, activist, and an Emmy award-winning TV producer with a successful track record on FOX. For this reason, I have been able to connect with real people and that is EXACTLY what the Republican Party needs now.

 This is our opportunity to bring real people back to vote for the Illinois Republican Party and the principles we all believe in.  Jim Dodge made his bed with Jack Roeser – let him sleep in it.  The dirty politics of the past has no place in our real, conservative, reform-minded party. We are calling on Chairman Brady to disavow the Dirty Dodge Smear Campaign, and we will no longer respond to these deceitful accusations. 

Instead we will focus on the issues that really got us in this race:  opening the books in Illinois, exposing the insider deals, balancing the budget, and rebuilding the Illinois Republican Party brick by brick.  Thank you for your belief and courage, God bless you, Happy New Year, and let’s make this the ultimate year for reform! I know we can do it together! 


William J. Kelly

Peace and Principles this Christmas Season



There is a lot of false information coming out about what happened yesterday at the Illinois Capitol in Springfield. That’s why, in this time of peace and principles, I am writing this statement to correct the record for those that believe that it is important to stand up for what you believe in.

I went to Illinois’ Capitol on Wednesday, December 23 – a beautiful, ornate building steeped in history and tradition – to have an 11:00 AM press conference. I recapped where we are in the race for Comptroller and reaffirmed my contention that I am the only candidate in the race – Republican or Democrat – that is a true reformer, a true activist that would open the books to expose the insider deals once and for all. I quickly shifted to the real purpose of the press conference: to remove the atheist sign in the Capitol’s rotunda –  to remove a sign that constituted hate speech against Christians and Christmas and against anyone who believes in God.

The sign reads: There are no gods, no heaven, no hell. Religion is myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds. Clearly, this sign is not intended to promote good will towards anyone. It fully constitutes hate speech. America’s Founding Fathers wanted to guarantee our freedom of religion, not denigrate and mock religion. Even just as a private citizen, raised Catholic, I believe it is necessary to stand up for what is right and call things out when they are wrong.

After I left the press room, I went to the rotunda where about more than a dozen police officers were guarding the sign, waiting for me. I picked up the atheists’ sign, turned it around, and I was immediately asked by the Illinois state capitol police to follow them. Because I respect the wishes of law enforcement, I immediately complied. The officer took me to a detention room and a report was filed. After that, I was escorted out of the Capitol building and the police are further conducting an investigation. As a candidate for comptroller, I believe it is absolutely wrong for Illinois’ officials to be spending tax dollars to denigrate and mock good people of faith. It is faith that gets us through all of our great tragedies of life and brings us together. That is not something that should be disparaged. No good that comes from that. And how is that freedom of religion? Clearly, Governor Quinn and the atheists need some sensitivity training.

We need to stop the hate against Christians and the stripping of religion, tradition, and history for our holidays, our history books, and our culture in general. I want to reaffirm that – not only should this sign be removed by Governor Pat Quinn – but as comptroller I will guarantee that we will never have hate speech in Illinois’ state Capitol in Springfield – especially at Christmas time.

Thank you, God bless you and Merry Christmas!

William J. Kelly



(Sign from the Springfield Illinois “holiday” display)


GOP candidate for Comptroller Encounters Resistance from Police at Springfield Capitol

(SPRINGFIELD) –  On Tuesday, GOP candidate for comptroller, William J. Kelly, announced his intention to remove the  atheist display at the Illinois Capitol in Springfield.   “Especially during the Christmas season, we need to stand up for ourselves as Christians and for what we believe in. We cannot allow groups like the ACLU and others continue to mock, disparage, and tear-down religion or religious people,” said Kelly. “This is true hate speech and that is why I plan to personally, physically remove the sign.” The atheism sign is purposely situated near the Nativity scene and in front of the Christmas tree, which the Capitol calls a “holiday tree.”

On Wednesday at 11:00 AM, fifteen police officers were waiting for Kelly at the Springfield Capitol, guarding the atheist display.  As soon as Kelly touched the sign and attempted to remove it, the officers escorted Kelly and filed a report against him before ejecting him from the Capitol building.

Kelly will be issuing a statement  shortly.



TESTIMONY OF WILLIAM J. KELLY, Republican Candidate for Comptroller  – December 22, 2009 Public Hearing in Sterling, Illinois on Transfer of Guantanamo Prisoners to Thomson Prison

Hello. My name is William J. Kelly, the Republican candidate for Illinois Comptroller and a small business owner in this state. I want you to know that I am fully aware of the fact that this public hearing is a sham and a charade.  I feel most people here would agree.

We are preparing to file a class action lawsuit on the grounds of public endangerment to prevent the Guantanamo prisoner transfer. The public risks associated with the continued detention of war prisoners should not be forced upon the citizens of Illinois without sufficient public input and acceptance.

No sooner than we will bring Al-Qaeda to the state of Illinois than it will be deemed the new torture camp by the media and, sadly, even members of Illinois’ own congressional delegation – most likely Rep. Bobby Rush and Luis Gutierrez.

Chicago is already named as an Al-Qaeda target. You don’t have to be a security expert to know that this will only escalate the hatred and danger directed at Chicago and the state as a whole. Only Governor Quinn would look at Al-Qaeda as a jobs program when what he should be doing is cutting taxes on families and businesses. This is just an effort by Illinois political hacks to help President Obama keep an ill-conceived campaign promise. This plan presents an unacceptable risk for Illinois. We’ve been fighting a war to keep Al-Qaeda off our soil. Let’s keep it that way.


  William J. Kelly is running on a platform to be Illinois’ first “activist” comptroller. He is the former executive director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois. He is also an entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning TV production company and currently hosts the multi-state sports TV series, “Sportsaholic.” For information, visit


From the master cartoonist himself – Jack Higgins!





Dear Friends,

 Prisons attract one thing – friends and family. In the case of President Obama’s planned transfer of Gitmo detainees to Thomson Illinois – we are talking about Al-Qaeda friends and family. You don’t have to be a national security expert to know that this is the wrong move for Illinois. The last thing we need is to have Al-Qaeda landing at O’Hare and taking a Greyhound Bus across Illinois to their new home. Illinois doesn’t want it and Illinois doesn’t need it.

 Now if someone had told me a year ago that we’d be bringing Al-Qaeda to Illinois – I would not have believed them. I thought the reason we fought the war in Iraq was to keep Al-Qaeda in Iraq and in their caves and not on our soil. This move by President Obama represents one of the greatest threats to homeland security in the history of the United States of America.  

 I believe that if we bring Al-Qaeda to Illinois-Chicago, we will be hit within the year. Before 9/11, no one thought an attack on a major American city was possible. Whether you are in New York or Chicago, we cannot forget how real that threat is for all of us. It is imperative largest that we go down to Sterling on Tuesday with the largest numbers possible. We must make our voices heard.  We are calling on concerned citizens from veterans and police to construction workers and mothers to come to Sterling and help us push Al-Qaeda out of Illinois.

 They say this is about jobs. This is not about jobs. The State of Illinois is better off cutting taxes so that businesses can actually stay in Illinois and create real jobs. Only Illinois’ bankrupt corrupt tax and spend liberal politicians would view Al-Qaeda as a jobs program.

 Please join me and all the dedicated, amazing groups behind this protest of the Thomas Prison plan and all the other plans to give enemy combatants in the war on terror the same rights as American citizens –  our Tea Party groups, Band of Mothers,  and so many others.  See you on Tuesday in Sterling at 1pm sharp!  As a wise man once said, “If not now, when?!”  JOIN US NOW!!!

 Thank you and God Bless,

William J. Kelly




Dan Hynes is a professional politician who single-handedly bankrupted the state, but at the very least he has provided one service – he has demonstrated how important the office of comptroller is. 

For years, Dan Hynes has believed that being the comptroller was being a rubber stamp for any spending the governor or speaker wanted.  What else do you expect from a career politician who never had to work a day in his life?   And now he says he wants to be governor?!? As a small business owner, I know something about accounts payable and accounts receivable.  I know something about true competition, transparency, accountability and efficiency.  These are the values I will bring with me to the comptroller’s office to balance the budget. 

As a lifelong conservative activist I also look forward to using the comptroller’s office to bring real reform to the state of Illinois. From DAY ONE I will throw open the books to a complete forensic audit and review every contract. I will call in all of our government watchdogs and give them a seat at the table to help bring real reform to Illinois families and businesses. There will be no more secrets. The people will know everything that is and has been going on.  This is the first step and the most important step to real reform.

 A lot has been said about the opportunity for Republicans in 2010, but really it comes down to one day, perhaps the most important day in the history of Illinois.  If we nominate the right candidates we have an opportunity for real reform; if we don’t, we will blow perhaps the best and last chance in our lifetimes to turn the state of Illinois around.  I am asking for your support and I promise you, if you make me your nominee on February 2nd, I will win the office of comptroller for you and use it to balance the budget, reform the state of Illinois and rebuild the Republican Party.

 Thank you, God bless you, and see you January 6th!

 William J. Kelly


A letter to supporters from GOP Comptroller candidate William J. Kelly

Dear Friends,

I would just like to thank everyone for coming out to protest for real reform. Today, we did something truly great:  In front of the mainstream media, we asked Pat Quinn at his City Club speech at Maggiano’s in Chicago when he will sign a REAL REFORM bill on behalf of taxpayers, families, and businesses in the state of Illinois. It is strange that we would have to ask him that question. He has been talking about reform for decades. Now as governor he has no excuses. He signed a “reform bill” that actually consolidates power with Speaker Madigan. He has not even asked Blago pay-to-play appointees like Juan Ochoa, to step aside in favor of true public servants. Now it is time to hold his feet to the fire. Today, we took that first step and Quinn couldn’t escape that question with the TV cameras rolling.

2010 is truly the greatest chance we will have in our lifetime to reform the state of Illinois, and it comes down to Feb. 2nd. If I win this nomination, I am convinced that I will win the office of comptroller for the people of Illinois. I will use the comptroller’s office to reform the state of Illinois, balance the budget, and rebuild the Illinois Republican Party in the process. Nominating fresh candidates is really the only true hope for reform because, as the old saying goes, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” One-party rule in Illinois has provided the taxpayers only with higher taxes and corruption and this cannot continue any longer.

The people of Illinois want and deserve reform and it is up to us – to unite. Whether you are tea party or pro-family or conservative or Republican or a Reagan democrat – we need to fight together side-by-side. We need your help and we need it today. If we do this, if we commit, we can win and truly change things fundamentally for the better. We have from now until February 2nd to make this happen. So please join us in this fight to make Illinois a place for families and businesses once again. Call or email our campaign to help us retake and rebuild Illinois for the good people who deserve a fair shake – one that is free from corruption and backroom double-dealing.

Thank you.

William J. Kelly


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