I am a lifelong conservative activist; I have worked for conservative candidates, causes and issues in every election cycle.  In every election cycle I have seen, the media ignores us and the Republican party lets us down. This year I’m running for Illinois comptroller because the comptroller’s office is key to statewide fiscal reform in 2010.  It is also the most winnable office for republicans.  With such huge potential for reform, it is far too important to leave this race up to the republican party leaders that have repeatedly failed the people of Illinois.
I am engaged in a primary battle with the ultimate RINO, Judy Baar Topinka.  There are less than 60 days until February 2nd, the single day that will determine whether or not we have a chance for reform in Illinois.  We have to make every day count.  We need to make our voices heard every day if we are to succeed on February 2nd. Monday, December 14th is one of those days.  Pat Quinn, who has already said that his only answer to the problems of Illinois is raising taxes, will be speaking at the City Club of Chicago.  We need to be there.  We need to make our voices heard so that we cannot be ignored.  I am calling on everyone who has HAD ENOUGH and DEMANDS REFORM to meet me at Maggiano’s at 11:30 on Monday.  Bring a sign that says REFORM NOW, bring a friend or two, and bring your voices.  What do we want?  REFORM!  When do we want it?  NOW!
Thank you, God bless you, see you Monday,
William J. Kelly


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