Wauconda Township GOP also Endorses William J. Kelly for Comptroller

William J. Kelly Campaign for Comptroller is pleased to announce that his campaign has received the endorsement of The Illinois Federation for Right to Life Political Action Committee (IFRL-PAC) and the Wauconda Township GOP in the primary election to be held in February 2010.

The Illinois Federation for Right to Life Political Action Committee has issued this statement: “We are pleased to announce our endorsement of William Kelly for nomination as Republican Candidate for Illinois State Comptroller. Not only has Mr. Kelly expressed a desire to protect unborn children, but he has also indicated his support for the disabled as well as those who are endangered at the end of life.”

The Illinois Federation for Right to Life is a statewide organization with local affiliates throughout the State of Illinois.

Recently, Kelly also received the endorsement of the Wauconda Township GOP, the Niles Township Regular Republican Organization, and the Illinois Conservatives Facebook group.

“Our campaign is truly gaining momentum,” said Kelly. “We will win this campaign by being real conservatives from the heart. We will not only stand up for our conservative principles but we will also show that conservatives are people that real people – from construction workers and housewives to policemen and college students – can relate to and root for. And that is something that I am very proud of.”

William J. Kelly is running on a platform to be Illinois’ first “activist” comptroller. He is the former executive director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois. He is also an entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning TV production company and currently hosts the multi-state sports TV series, “Sportsaholic.” For information, visit



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