A letter to supporters from GOP Comptroller candidate William J. Kelly

Dear Friends,

I would just like to thank everyone for coming out to protest for real reform. Today, we did something truly great:  In front of the mainstream media, we asked Pat Quinn at his City Club speech at Maggiano’s in Chicago when he will sign a REAL REFORM bill on behalf of taxpayers, families, and businesses in the state of Illinois. It is strange that we would have to ask him that question. He has been talking about reform for decades. Now as governor he has no excuses. He signed a “reform bill” that actually consolidates power with Speaker Madigan. He has not even asked Blago pay-to-play appointees like Juan Ochoa, to step aside in favor of true public servants. Now it is time to hold his feet to the fire. Today, we took that first step and Quinn couldn’t escape that question with the TV cameras rolling.

2010 is truly the greatest chance we will have in our lifetime to reform the state of Illinois, and it comes down to Feb. 2nd. If I win this nomination, I am convinced that I will win the office of comptroller for the people of Illinois. I will use the comptroller’s office to reform the state of Illinois, balance the budget, and rebuild the Illinois Republican Party in the process. Nominating fresh candidates is really the only true hope for reform because, as the old saying goes, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” One-party rule in Illinois has provided the taxpayers only with higher taxes and corruption and this cannot continue any longer.

The people of Illinois want and deserve reform and it is up to us – to unite. Whether you are tea party or pro-family or conservative or Republican or a Reagan democrat – we need to fight together side-by-side. We need your help and we need it today. If we do this, if we commit, we can win and truly change things fundamentally for the better. We have from now until February 2nd to make this happen. So please join us in this fight to make Illinois a place for families and businesses once again. Call or email our campaign to help us retake and rebuild Illinois for the good people who deserve a fair shake – one that is free from corruption and backroom double-dealing.

Thank you.

William J. Kelly


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