Dan Hynes is a professional politician who single-handedly bankrupted the state, but at the very least he has provided one service – he has demonstrated how important the office of comptroller is. 

For years, Dan Hynes has believed that being the comptroller was being a rubber stamp for any spending the governor or speaker wanted.  What else do you expect from a career politician who never had to work a day in his life?   And now he says he wants to be governor?!? As a small business owner, I know something about accounts payable and accounts receivable.  I know something about true competition, transparency, accountability and efficiency.  These are the values I will bring with me to the comptroller’s office to balance the budget. 

As a lifelong conservative activist I also look forward to using the comptroller’s office to bring real reform to the state of Illinois. From DAY ONE I will throw open the books to a complete forensic audit and review every contract. I will call in all of our government watchdogs and give them a seat at the table to help bring real reform to Illinois families and businesses. There will be no more secrets. The people will know everything that is and has been going on.  This is the first step and the most important step to real reform.

 A lot has been said about the opportunity for Republicans in 2010, but really it comes down to one day, perhaps the most important day in the history of Illinois.  If we nominate the right candidates we have an opportunity for real reform; if we don’t, we will blow perhaps the best and last chance in our lifetimes to turn the state of Illinois around.  I am asking for your support and I promise you, if you make me your nominee on February 2nd, I will win the office of comptroller for you and use it to balance the budget, reform the state of Illinois and rebuild the Republican Party.

 Thank you, God bless you, and see you January 6th!

 William J. Kelly

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