Cheers to you...from Ronald Reagan

Dear Friends,

 We appreciate the support of true conservatives and regular people hungry for reform.  The ugly smear campaign by the Dodge campaign and Jack Roeser does not dignify a response.  Everyone knows that I am a life long conservative, activist, and an Emmy award-winning TV producer with a successful track record on FOX. For this reason, I have been able to connect with real people and that is EXACTLY what the Republican Party needs now.

 This is our opportunity to bring real people back to vote for the Illinois Republican Party and the principles we all believe in.  Jim Dodge made his bed with Jack Roeser – let him sleep in it.  The dirty politics of the past has no place in our real, conservative, reform-minded party. We are calling on Chairman Brady to disavow the Dirty Dodge Smear Campaign, and we will no longer respond to these deceitful accusations. 

Instead we will focus on the issues that really got us in this race:  opening the books in Illinois, exposing the insider deals, balancing the budget, and rebuilding the Illinois Republican Party brick by brick.  Thank you for your belief and courage, God bless you, Happy New Year, and let’s make this the ultimate year for reform! I know we can do it together! 


William J. Kelly

Peace and Principles this Christmas Season



There is a lot of false information coming out about what happened yesterday at the Illinois Capitol in Springfield. That’s why, in this time of peace and principles, I am writing this statement to correct the record for those that believe that it is important to stand up for what you believe in.

I went to Illinois’ Capitol on Wednesday, December 23 – a beautiful, ornate building steeped in history and tradition – to have an 11:00 AM press conference. I recapped where we are in the race for Comptroller and reaffirmed my contention that I am the only candidate in the race – Republican or Democrat – that is a true reformer, a true activist that would open the books to expose the insider deals once and for all. I quickly shifted to the real purpose of the press conference: to remove the atheist sign in the Capitol’s rotunda –  to remove a sign that constituted hate speech against Christians and Christmas and against anyone who believes in God.

The sign reads: There are no gods, no heaven, no hell. Religion is myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds. Clearly, this sign is not intended to promote good will towards anyone. It fully constitutes hate speech. America’s Founding Fathers wanted to guarantee our freedom of religion, not denigrate and mock religion. Even just as a private citizen, raised Catholic, I believe it is necessary to stand up for what is right and call things out when they are wrong.

After I left the press room, I went to the rotunda where about more than a dozen police officers were guarding the sign, waiting for me. I picked up the atheists’ sign, turned it around, and I was immediately asked by the Illinois state capitol police to follow them. Because I respect the wishes of law enforcement, I immediately complied. The officer took me to a detention room and a report was filed. After that, I was escorted out of the Capitol building and the police are further conducting an investigation. As a candidate for comptroller, I believe it is absolutely wrong for Illinois’ officials to be spending tax dollars to denigrate and mock good people of faith. It is faith that gets us through all of our great tragedies of life and brings us together. That is not something that should be disparaged. No good that comes from that. And how is that freedom of religion? Clearly, Governor Quinn and the atheists need some sensitivity training.

We need to stop the hate against Christians and the stripping of religion, tradition, and history for our holidays, our history books, and our culture in general. I want to reaffirm that – not only should this sign be removed by Governor Pat Quinn – but as comptroller I will guarantee that we will never have hate speech in Illinois’ state Capitol in Springfield – especially at Christmas time.

Thank you, God bless you and Merry Christmas!

William J. Kelly


6 thoughts on “CHEERS TO MY SUPPORTERS: THANK YOU!! – From William J. Kelly

  1. It’s good to see a candidate who shows some resolve and righteous indignation over the wimpers of lesser men, who allow our traditions, and principles, to become compromised by appeasing and pandering, feckless politicians, who abrogate their responsibility against the peoples interest.

  2. Sorry John…this is another instance of really not knowing any facts about our case against the Illinois atheist display. The Founding Fathers never intended the separation of church and state to allow the state to criticize other peoples’ religions. In our case, atheists can promote their religion but they have no right to insist that the State offer them a forum to denegrate religion. We have an excellent case. terms of being an uneducated nut in politics…You may want to look before you leap next time.

  3. Sorry Billy….heard your, “excellent case” was dismissed. I’m talking about how you took time and money (your money?) and sued Illinois Secretary of state Jesse White for approving FFRF’s sign, which said: “At this season of the Winter Solstice, may reason prevail. There are no Gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

    You actually claimed that people who saw the sign would assume it was the state of Illinois’ official position on religion! If that is not an uneducated nut in politics way of thinking,… what is?

    It is so good to know that reason did prevail on July 20, 2010….
    …..another uneducated nut in politics was stopped.

    Oh yes! You may want to look before you leap next time.

    1. John,

      Just because a liberal judge makes a decision doesn’t mean we give up. I know you may not really understand the Constitution but see it actually isn’t supposed to oppose or interfere in other people’s religions. We aren’t giving up…so have fun!

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