More Legal Challenges to Commission’s Public Hearing Process, Thomson Plan Expected
Republican candidate for Comptroller says “The People Will Not Stand for this Plan to Bring Al-Qaeda Here”

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(CHICAGO) – In considering Mr. Kelly’s writ of mandamus in circuit court last week, Judge Agran struck the request for injunction against further action to close Thomson Prison and transfer it to the federal government for use in holding the Gitmo detainees. However, Kelly is already planning further legal action. Kelly had this to say:

“Though Judge Agran denied our request for a temporary restraining order based on a legal technicality last Tuesday, both the law and the facts are on our side and we will continue this fight. I filed this injunction so that everyday people in Illinois have a chance to be heard – whether they are for or against the Thomson Prison plan. Instead, what is happening here is the ‘Chicago Way.’  President Obama wants this prison in Thomson and Governor Quinn and every political hack will do everything possible to make it happen. Yet there is no economic benefit to this Cash for Al-Qaeda plan. The federal government will not even be paying half of what it cost the taxpayers of Illinois to build Thomson Correctional Center.”

“That is why we need public opinion more than ever before to help us fight this. That is also why the Obama Administration doesn’t want legitimate public hearings on this issue. No one was allowed to speak at the James R. Thompson Center vote  last week by politicians. But the more people are hearing about this and discover the facts, the more they are against this plan – to the point that even democrats won’t even be re-elected in Illinois,” said Kelly.


William J. Kelly is running on a platform to be Illinois’ first “activist” comptroller. He is the former executive director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois. He is also an entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning TV production company and currently hosts the multi-state sports TV series, “Sportsaholic.” For information, visit


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