In Response to Opponents’ Smears, Kelly Set to Run TV Attack Ad

Statement by William J. Kelly, Republican candidate for comptroller

Scott Brown’s stunning victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday has proved two things. First, that people are demanding reform. And second, that the voters will not tolerate any more smear campaigns. Scott Brown’s opponents attacked him at every turn, using every underhanded smear in the book and the voters turned on them. The people were smarter than the smear merchants gave them credit for. That is what my TV ad spot is all about.

The voters are rejecting the Topinka-Dodge smear campaign. In attacking my deceased father, my opponents have crossed the line. My opponents are “investigating” how my dad, a public school teacher, could have amassed any money. My dad wasn’t political. He was a principal in the Chicago Public Schools and a teacher.  He was hard working and frugal and saved his money.  I think I wore my father’s hand-me-downs until I was about 20. That is what middle class people do.

My father died years ago after struggles with his heart and prostate cancer. So, here’s my question: Jim Dodge and Judy Baar Topinka, how low can you go? Is that honorable? Is that what a conservative or what a Republican does? Any person who does that isn’t fit for office of any kind in this election or any election.

These despicable people have attacked a lot of other good people too. Yet, hypocritically, Jim Dodge’s own public record shows his financial support to Topinka and thousands in contributions to Democrats over Republicans. He is a smear merchant of the worst kind. That is why we will be filing a lawsuit against members of Dodge’s campaign next week.

Why are they doing this? Because it is an act of desperation. On Monday, I debated Judy Baar Topinka’s representative, Jim Dodge, on Chicago Tonight and it was a political game changer. The course of the campaign has changed. All of our internal polling shows a shift to our campaign. People now know that Topinka-Dodge is insider status quo and William J. Kelly is the real reformer outsider.

People know now that with William J. Kelly, I will open the books, expose the insider deals and finally give small businesses a crack at the bidding contracts currently reserved for the elite. And that is why this is so important. Now, we can let the rest of Illinois know this truth too in the last days of the campaign. By running this TV commercial, we can absolutely seal the deal so that we can have real reform in Illinois. More and more people discovered that a Kelly comptroller is the taxpayers’ ace in the hole. That is where you can help.

 Please visit and make a contribution of $25 or more to help us run this commercial on Fox News and elsewhere.


William J. Kelly

See the web documentary that the Rockford Tea Party gave a standing ovation! “See “A Conservative in Chicago” – parts 1 and 2:

 William J. Kelly is running on a platform to be Illinois’ first “activist” comptroller. He is the former executive director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois. He is also an entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning TV production company and currently hosts the multi-state sports TV series, “Sportsaholic.” For information, visit



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