According to D-2s, Kelly’s Opponent, Dodge, Hired “Low Blow” Joe Novak, Daily Southtown Reports Topinka was Planning to Hire Novak for her “Comeback” Bid

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 – Illinois Republican Party Headquarters – 205 W. Randolph, Chicago, 1:30 p.m.

(CHICAGO) – Today, at the Illinois Republican Party Headquarters in Chicago, Republican candidate for Illinois comptroller, William J. Kelly, will call on Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady to publicly disavow the smear campaign of his opponents. Recent D-2 disclosures have revealed that Kelly’s opponent, Jim Dodge, hired Joe Novak, a long-time Democrat political consultant known nationally for his smear campaigns with ties to Judy Baar Topinka. Kelly’s opponents have launched an unprecedented smear campaign against the candidate, including an investigation of his deceased father, a Chicago public school principal who died in 2006.

At the beginning of the primary election season, Illinois Republican Chairman, Pat Brady, said that he would call out the party’s primary candidates if their negative campaigning crossed the line. “We will call people out for that. We’re not going to have a divided primary this year,” said GOP Chairman Pat Brady.

Kelly says he is holding Brady to his promise. “Chairman Brady called on Republicans to focus their attention on the Democrats and the issues, which we have done in our campaign. We have focused on the issues of reform, corruption, and balancing the budget. Yet my opponents have done nothing but smear me,” says Kelly. “From D-2 election disclosures, we now know that my opponent has hired a nationally-known smear merchant, Joe Novak. They have gone so far as to target my family and staff, manipulated video clips from my Emmy award-winning TV series, and have even attacked my deceased father. This is not a clean break from the past, this is not even politics as usual – this is lower than low.” 

Novak’s nick name, “Low Blow Joe” is known for his dirty political campaigns and worked for Walter Mondale and Richard M. Daley. The Daily Southtown reports that Topinka was planning on hiring Novak for her campaign for comptroller.

“Today, I am calling on Chairman Pat Brady to denounce and disavow the smear campaign of my opponents and to keep the promise he made. If this is the kind of Republican Party that Pat Brady condones, then it is not just Illinois that needs reform. It is the Republican party of insiders that needs reform.”

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