BREAKING NEWS: Dodge Bloggers Caught Lying About False Tea Party Event

Statement by William J. Kelly, Candidate for Illinois Comptroller

I just want to thank everyone for their tremendous outpouring of support. Thank you also for standing tough and tall with me against this smear campaign orchestrated by my opponents Judy Baar Topinka and Jim Dodge. I got a lot of enthusiastic calls after my appearance on Fox Thursday morning where I let everyone know about the Topinka-Dodge smear campaign and who was behind it.

Jim Dodge’s D-2 election disclosures reveal the truth: That he hired nationally-known Democrat smear master, Joe “Low Blow” Novak to create a campaign of lies and deceit against me. Novak, a long-time associate of Judy Baar Topinka,  has done dirty work for Richard M. Daley and Walter Mondale to name a few. Topinka even told the Southtown Star that “she” was going to hire Novak in her campaign this year.  Just follow the trail of dirt and you eventually get the truth. All you have to do is connect the dots.

Dodge agents actually have “paid” bloggers like Lynn Thomas to build a mountain of falsehoods so ridiculous that they belong in the National Enquirer. Jack Roeser and his employee, Doug Ibendahl, have lost all their credibility by promoting this hate-filled campaign. They’ve even attacked my deceased father, a former Chicago public school principal and a good and honorable man his whole life.

On Friday, the Dodge-Topinka “paid” blogger,  Lynn Thomas, and others launched another smear about me at an event that was supposed to be a Tea Party event – but apparently wasn’t.  The good people who attended this event are very upset about this deception and should be. (The organizer  of the event states in the American Liberty Alliance Blog: “The Park District had to have a name of the group holding the meeting so I made one up for them. Tea Party Conservatives. So far I am the only member.”) http://americanlibertyalliance.com/blog/2009-12-24/lets-talk-recalls/

Dodge, their “paid” bloggers and all the others have been caught red-handed in yet another lie. What this proves is that all they have is lies and more lies. What we have is fortunately….the truth.

People don’t want any more insiders, deceivers, game players, and backroom deals. They certainly do NOT want candidates who lie, deceive, and manipulate. Honest people throughout Illinois want real reform – the kind of reform that only a true outsider can deliver. I want to open the books to the government watchdogs and give small businesses throughout Illinois the opportunity to bid on Illinois contracts. The elites have had enough of our hard-earned taxpayer money. Haven’t they? But the insiders want to prevent this from happening – and that is why I am being so viciously attacked.  Now is not the time to waste or split your vote. If you want a true outsider who can institute real reform, do not be fooled by any of the lies. I am the only authentic outsider reformer in this race. I’ve had a lot of apologies of people this week since the D-2 disclosures became known.  I’m glad that people have learned the truth and have joined our team.

Thank you for your support! I won’t forget it!!

William J. Kelly

William J. Kelly is campaigning on a platform to be Illinois’ first activist comptroller. For more information, visit www.friendsofwilliamjkelly.com.



  1. When the truth is spoken , people listen for the truth . When a Rino or a liberal speaks , People now know to expect More of the Same . I say No way to Judy Bar Topinka , She paves the way to More Rinoism. Will Kelly(R-Ill) is speaking in a Fine Conservative Tone .

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