Statement by William J. Kelly, Republican candidate for Comptroller

 This year is the year for reform. Good, honest people who believe in reform now have the opportunity to get it – but only if you choose the right candidate on February 2nd.  You have witnessed the campaign for comptroller for yourselves and you have seen that there is a clear choice: A clear choice between my opponents who have a history of double-dealing and who have focused on a smear campaign of lies and falsehoods. I offer another choice – a better choice. I am the only true outsider reformer in the race and have proven that I am not afraid to stand up and speak out on all the important issues. If I am your comptroller, I will put a full spotlight on Illinois’ corrupt finances, expose the insider deals, use the office to force a balanced budget and open up elite public bidding contracts to all the small business owners of Illinois. That is reform, that is what we need and that is exactly what the insider politicians – the status quo – don’t want. That is why we have to band together and get out the vote. 

The vicious smear campaign against me, my staff, and even my deceased father has exposed my opponents for the kind of people they truly are. My opponent, Jim Dodge, has hired Joe “Low Blow” Novak to launch this smear campaign. Judy Baar Topinka has stated publicly that she was intending to hire Novak – a long-time associate of hers, who has worked for Richard M. Daley, Walter Mondale, and many others. Novak is a master Democrat smear doctor. But now you know the truth. You know who is the good guy and who are the bad guys.

As a result of our message, our campaign has caught fire – downstate in Illinois and throughout the state. 2010 is all about reform and now is the time to make it happen so please forward this message and tell your friends.  It is time to do something for the voters, the taxpayers, and for the people – not just the insider elites. Go out and vote now!

 Best and thank you!

William J. Kelly

For information, visit


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