We wholeheartedly support the conservative reform candidate William J. Kelly for Illinois comptroller against the ultimate RINO, Judy Baar Topinka. Many hold Topinka responsible for destroying the Illinois Republican Party as the state chairman in 2006 and helping Barack Obama get elected U.S. Senator. Topinka lost the Illinois Governor’s race to Rod Blagojevich when voters knew he was under investigation. Her extreme liberal position on virtually every mainstream Republican position have put Topinka at odds with every conservative GOP group in Illinois and across the US. 

William J. Kelly has the best chance to win the primary and the general election. He doesn’t wait to get elected to take action – he has taken a strong stance on a number of issues, some of which are listed below:

Kelly has just filed a federal lawsuit against the Illinois State capitol’s atheist display, which included hateful speech against religion –
Taking legal action to STOP GITMO from coming to Illinois –
Calling for Blagojevich cronies to resign –
Calling for pension reform and the full funding of the Illinois MAP grant for college students –
Calling out Alexi Giannoulias for accepting SEIU endorsement –

Kelly’s other opponent, Jim Dodge has been discredited as an alternative due to his contributions to Topinka and democrats and his hiring of Joe Novak, a Democrat operative with ties to Topinka:

Please forward this to all of your family and friends before tomorrow’s election, as well as any media and bloggers!

Carl Chantelois
Rid the Republican Party of R.I.N.O.s


Rid the Republican Party of R.I.N.O.s  is targetting the “Dirty Dozen” RINOs  for defeat. Those are : Judy Baar Topinka (R-IL), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Charlie Crist (R-FL), Joseph Cao (R-LA), Mark Kirk (R-IL), Susan Collins (R-ME), Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX), Leonard Lance (R-NJ), Chris Smith (R-NJ), Frank LaBiondo (R-NJ), Michael Castle (R-DE), Bob Bennett (R-UT).  To download the RINO “Dirty Dozen” Not Wanted Poster, see Rid the Republican Party if R.I.N.O.s (National group):   

After a video clip of former Illinois Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka and her atheist supporter Rob Sherman was displayed on Chantelois’ facebook group, ,  it caused an uproar.  Sherman is well-known for his national lawsuits across the U.S. to remove religion from any public view or participation.  

Rid the Republican Party of R.I.N.Os’ state chapters include Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Arizona, Maine, South Carolina, and Florida to name a few. 

For information, visit

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