MAKE THIS MOMENT COUNT: Time to get out and vote!!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your support! Throughout this hateful smear campaign against me, my staff, and family, you have always been there and I couldn’t be more honored and humbled to have you on my side. Now is the time to make it count, to take it another step further and choose the right person on February 2nd for comptroller. It is time to let your family and friends know about our message of reform and standing up for what is right. It is time to get out and vote!

Even though we’ve been attacked, we have also stood up for what we believed in. The attacks have also proven that we are the sincere people in this race for comptroller. Even before I have been elected to any office, I have tried to stand up and show you the kind of person that I am and the kind of reformer I will be on your behalf. Together, we have stood up and spoken out at the public hearings against the closure of Thomson Prison and giving the rights of American citizens to the Gitmo detainees. We filed a lawsuit to demand a just public hearing process and are still trying to fight that fight. This week, we filed a federal lawsuit against the Illinois Capitol’s atheist display at Christmas time. A display that said: “There is no god, no heaven, no hell. Religion is just myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.” Our Founding Fathers never intended for the State to host hate speech against religion or religious people.

The news of this lawsuit has spread fast on major TV news websites, in Illinois newspapers Illinois, on hundreds of Christian news radio stations in Illinois and across the country, and more. The letters from well-wishers from Illinois and across the country have been phenomenal and I am so encouraged in this effort like these to name a few:


Mr. Kelly,

You’ve got my vote.

Good luck,


East Dundee



Just to encourage you – there are about 50 people praying for Bill. Keep the faith! Our Father is so proud of both of you. Continue in love and patience, even when people speak ill against you or foolishly.

In Him,



I hope you win, both the lawsuit and the election! On my FB acct I wrote a supporting post when I sent this story out.

Good luck from Texas


Subject: This Illinois candidate deserves support

Date: Jan 30, 11:15 PM Atheists’ ‘hate’ sign blasted in lawsuit Illinois candidate claims state ‘hostile’ to beliefs The GOP candidate is for comptroller is William J. Kelly. This man stood up against the trends of our society, and I can identify with that. It takes a lot of effort to speak out against what is going on. I think this candidate deserves attention. He was willing to take a stand. As some of the people I’m sending this to are outside of the Illinois area, keep his efforts in mind for your own candidates.



As a result, we have gained the support of people all over the state of Illinois – in Champaign, in Peotone, in Macomb, in Rockford, in Sterling, in Boone, and so many places where I had the good fortune to meet people who want and deserve reform in Illinois.

Reform shouldn’t be this difficult but it is. Why? Because elites and insiders have control over the system and they have made sure everyday people and small businesses do not have the opportunity to participate. That is fundamentally un-American and that needs to end. I promise you that if you vote for me I will not let you down. You will have transparency. We will make life uncomfortable for the corrupt, the insiders, the elites, who have abused the public trust. We will make them accountable and we will reform, rebuild, and redeem Illinois once again.

This is it! February 2nd is the day to change things for the better. Please take a few minutes and email and call your friends and family to go out and vote. Forwarod them this email and let them know of our message. We can build a Republican party – a real Republican party that respects taxpayers and families. Vote Kelly for comptroller!

Thank you! I will never forget your support!!

William J. Kelly

For info,


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