Kelly Announces’s Reform Agenda


Dear Friends,

I ran a campaign on the issues of reform – an effort that I am so tremendously proud of.  Even though we lost,  the issue of reform continues. We can build on what we have started. With this, there is much to do. As the General Election approaches, we are going to let voters know where the candidates stand on reform, support reform candidates, and once they are elected, make sure they keep their promises and go all the way on reform. Not half way and without any loopholes.

Today,  I am announcing a new initiative at Rebuild called the Rebuild Illinois Reform Agenda. As part of this new effort, we will begin the process of choosing a reform slate of candidates. This is a non-partisan effort to truly serve real people, not party insiders. 


–         REFORM SLATE OF CANDIDATES: Rebuild Illinois will announce its own reform slate of candidates in an independent, non-partisan evaluation process and based on smaller government, free market philosophies, and full transparency.

–         STOP ELECTION FRAUD: We need to ensure that every election is fair and secure and that every vote is counted. Anything short of that will undermine what little faith is left in our elected officials.

 –         REFORM PENSION ABUSES IN ILLINOIS: Rebuild Illinois demands reform to Illinois’ pension abuse system of millionaires. We demand an end to early retirement, the double-dipping of more than 3,000 individuals with more than one state pension, an end to automatic cost of living adjustments that are annually compounded. Illinois is in an $80 billion dollar unfunded pension sinkhole and there is no end in sight.

 –         FULL TRANSPARENCY AND OPEN BIDDING ON PUBLIC CONTRACTS: Rebuild Illinois demands full transparency in Illinois’ finances. Let’s open the books to the government watchdogs, put everyone online, including state contracts and who donated what to whom. We need to open up the public bidding process to everyone – including small businesses – so that Illinois’ financial climate can be competitive once again and the taxpayers stop paying McCormick Place prices for basic goods and services. The sweetheart deals have ruined our state and our country.

 –         FREEZE ON NEW SPENDING, CUT WASTE FROM INSIDER DEALS: Last but not least, we need to put a halt to all new spending programs and cut obvious waste – the result of corrupt influence peddling in Springfield. For example, the Illinois Policy Institute reports that in fiscal year 2009, Illinois state government spent $4.3 billion more than it brought in. Of that, $2 million was spent on 3-D teaching technology called “Classroom Cubed”, $920,000 on an aerospace education initiative, $3 million on a mentorship program for new principals, $4 million on teaching kids about healthy food habits, and $137,000 for upscale porta-potties at the seven state parks.  This is why our state is in the mess it is in.

 As the former Executive Director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, I have spent years calling out waste, fraud, and abuse of power. Today, we must work together to make sure there is a future for ourselves, our families, and our businesses.


 William J. Kelly will be launching a new website soon at



  1. You are an idiot. That’s not a new website its been there for a LONG time. And not making any money……….But you’re familiar with constantly begging on the street….

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