UPDATE: Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan’s Hypocrisy in Barmore Case

Dear Friends,

Once again the Kelly Truth Squad is at the center of controversy. Yesterday…before Right Nation 2010 took place at the Sears Center with Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart, you may have heard that I challenged Louis Farrakhan to a debate at the Kingdom Authorities International Church where he was speaking about peace, justice, and violence.

Chicago Police protest at their South Michigan Avenue headquarters

I wanted to challenge Mr. Farrakhan on his hypocrisy. Three police officers were killed in Chicago this summer and never – not once – has Louis Farrakhan spoken out about the violence. Not once has he chided Chicago’s gang bangers to stop the bloodshed. But when two police officers in Rockford are forced to gun down a suspect wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant. A suspect who had been sought for questioning in a violent assault with a woman at knifepoint. A suspect, Mark Anthony Barmore, who, according to the evidence cited by the Grand Jury, struggled with the officers over a weapon – then Mr. Farrakhan makes himself available to speak about justice and violence.

After I issued my media alert yesterday, my law enforcement contacts in Rockford asked me to change my plans. They said confronting and debating Farrakhan could make this tense situation worse and bring it to a boiling point, putting even more officers at risk.  I would never want to put police officers at even more risk than they already are – so I finally acquiesed for that reason.

Earlier this week, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police marched on their own headquarters to protest to low levels of police manpower that has put officers in danger. Me and others – including John Garrido, a police officer of more than 19 years, came out to support their cause. Three officers killed in two months alone – that can’t just be something that people forget so easily or dismiss so easily as Mr. Farrakhan has.

The Kelly Truth Squad will not air tonight – we hope that it will return on AM 560 WIND next Sunday.

Photo: William J. Kelly and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani

I have already announced the formation of an exploratory committee for Alderman of the 42nd ward. In light of the unprecedented opportunity to finally elect a conservative Mayor of Chicago, I am actively trying to recruit such a candidate and, should all else fail, I am open to the possibility of running myself.

Please feel free to comment on this blog as to whether I should run for alderman, mayor, or just focus on the Kelly Truth Squad. If you believe this is the time for me to make a difference in the City Council, please make a contribution to Friends of William J. Kelly today.


William J. Kelly


6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan’s Hypocrisy in Barmore Case

  1. I think that this is the time to run for Alderman. After all, on paper the Chicago City Council has a lot of actual power (it’s just that Daley had them in his pocket for so long). The net mayor won’t have the luxury of a rubber stamp and the next city council could really make some changes. That is the place to initiate change in the near future. The next mayor will be a much beleaguered figure. I feel sorry for ANYONE that gets that job next!

  2. Mr. Kelly, I also believe that it’s a travesty to have police manpower at such a low level. It makes an already dangerous job even more hazardous. If we can’t afford police officers, how can we afford to tear up Lincoln Avenue and put concrete flower beds in the middle of the road? Are flower beds in the middle of a street more important than officer safety, or public safety? It really makes me wonder what our politicians are thinking. Or if they’re thinking.

  3. Kelly writes: >>>Not once has he chided Chicago’s gang bangers to stop the bloodshed.<<<

    Evidently, you missed Farrakhan's speech because that is exactly what he did.

  4. I think you would make a fine Mayor, if you can wade through the mud mire of Chicagos politicians. btw, Giulianni is amember of the Council on Foreign relations, be careful who you shake hands with if you want to run for any office. We are hoping to vote them out of office and the whitehouse, not shake their hand although Guilianni is hard to resist. I’m a native New Yorker and I live in Chicago suburbs but will be leaving for Ohio, Mayor Bloomberg is also a member of the CFR. I have the complete list if you want it.Michele Obama is in the CFR Chicago chapter.

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