Month: January 2012

Kelly Outlines Platform for Chicago GOP Chairmanship, 42nd ward


Let’s Build a Real Chicago Republican Party” 

Want to end one-party rule in the City of Chicago? Read on…

We need a real two-party city. Not a one-party city by default. We need a united Chicago Republican party. Not a party that casually accepts defeat over and over and over again. It won’t be easy. But in order to accomplish this, the new Chairman of the Chicago Republican party and 42nd ward committeeman needs to be a proven fighter and leader.

As your new Chairman and committeeman, from Day One, I will:

1. Make sure that every Republican has a chance to be heard.

2. Form a strong Chicago GOP steering committee to slate strong GOP candidates for public office and recruit a new generation of committed, ethical leaders.

3. Recruit and aggressively support precinct captains and election judges.

4. Put an end to the infighting. If we all work together, we all can have a seat at the table. United, we win. Divided, we lose.

5. Have regular meetings and offer complete transparency. I will be accountable to you…always.

To join the GOP Chicago Steering Committee email Tracy at williamjpkelly(at)



From Newsmax:

Fresh from his strong showing in Iowa, Republican U.S. presidential candidate Rick Santorum has picked up support in New Hampshire ahead of its primary next week, but rival Mitt Romney holds a sizeable lead, according to a poll released on Friday.  Santorum, a former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, had 11 percent support, up from 8 percent, among likely voters in New Hampshire’s primary, according to a 7 News/Suffolk University tracking poll conducted on Wednesday and Thursday.

New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday will be the second in a series of voting contests to choose a Republican nominee to face Democratic President Barack Obama in November’s election.

Since finishing narrowly behind Romney at the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday, Santorum has moved ahead of Newt Gingrich, former U.S. House of Representatives speaker, and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman in the New Hampshire survey.

Romney, the former governor of neighboring Massachusetts, had 40 percent support, down from 41 percent a day earlier. Support for Texas Congressman Ron Paul slipped to 17 percent from 18 percent.

Gingrich’s support rose to 9 percent from 7 percent. Huntsman, who was endorsed over Romney by the Boston Globe newspaper on Thursday, had 8 percent support against 7 percent. One percent of voters backed Texas Governor Rick Perry, and 15 percent of voters were still undecided.

The poll is based on phone interviews of 500 likely voters in the Republican primary and has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.

Another New Hampshire opinion survey, conducted on Wednesday, showed a Santorum bounce and a tighter race overall in New Hampshire.

The Washington Times/JZ Analytics Poll of almost 500 voters put Romney ahead with 38 percent, followed by Paul at 24 percent and Santorum at 11 percent. Ten percent of voters were undecided.

The survey had a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points.


Dear Fellow Republican,

As you may know, I am running to be the new Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party. In order to do that, I am also running for Republican committeeman of the 42nd ward in Chicago.

It has been a long time since we’ve had a two-party system inChicago, isn’t it? Well, I want to change that. I want the people ofChicagoto have a choice. I want them to know what the Republican Party truly represents. But, in order to do that, we need to work together like never before.

Despite our campaign’s effort to knock Rahm Emanuel’s candidate off the Republican primary ballot, the Chicago Board of Elections is ruling to keep him – Tom Smithburg – on. This is the same Chicago Board of Elections that ruled to keep Rahm Emanuel on the Chicago ballot even though he was not a legal resident of Chicago when he filed his petitions last year. Does this surprise me? Not in the least. Smithburg’s family gave Rahm a $10,000 contribution for his bid for Chicago Mayor. Does that sound like something a real Republican would do? Of course not.

Well, now you know the truth.

 In my previous letter, I also mentioned the threat leveled against me by my opponent’s campaign, claiming that if I don’t get out of the race that “every door will be closed to me” and I will have to move to another state. Despite this, I intend not only to stay in the race but to win and build a real Republican Party – free of Rahm Republicans.

That is why asking you and other good Republicans and conservatives to support my campaign and join our new Chicago GOP Steering Committee.

 What is the purpose of this committee?

The purpose of this new Chicago GOP Steering Committee is to do – among other things – recruit and slate Chicago and Cook County candidates for offices that have been left open on the Republican side.

Yes, offices that have been left open…where we aren’t even putting up a fight.

As if there was any need to explain the importance of having a two-party system in Chicago, here it is. Currently, Republican candidates aren’t being slated to run for many critical political offices to represent those Republicans living in many Chicago wards, including U.S. Congress, state representative, state senate, state’s attorney, recorder of deeds, or board of review.

My history proves that I am 100% sincere about building a real Republican Party in Chicago. I have been an anti-tax advocate for more than 20 years and was the former Executive Director of National Taxpayers United of Illinois. In 2010, I ran statewide for Illinois Comptroller on a platform of exposing the insider deals in Illinois’ public contracting system and received 157,000 votes. I challenged Rahm Emanuel’s petitions on the basis of residency and recruited a GOP candidate for Mayor of Chicago. These are all things I have done to build a Republican Party in Illinois. So when I say I’m serious, you know that I mean it.

I’ve lived in Chicagoall my life. I’ve lived in the 42nd ward for more than 10 years.  I own a home here. I met my wife here. And I started my business here.

But there is much work to be done. With your support, we can build a two-party system that will support good Republican candidates and change politics as usual.

I am asking your support in my campaign to be Chairman of the Chicago GOP and 42nd ward Republican committeeman. If you agree with me and support my campaign to bring democracy to the City of Chicago, please follow me on Facebook and share this letter with your friends, family, and associates.  Watch for upcoming dates on our GOP Steering Committee meetings and plan to attend.

Together, we can build a real Republican Party in Chicago.


William J. Kelly