Kelly Outlines Platform for Chicago GOP Chairmanship, 42nd ward


Let’s Build a Real Chicago Republican Party” 

Want to end one-party rule in the City of Chicago? Read on…

We need a real two-party city. Not a one-party city by default. We need a united Chicago Republican party. Not a party that casually accepts defeat over and over and over again. It won’t be easy. But in order to accomplish this, the new Chairman of the Chicago Republican party and 42nd ward committeeman needs to be a proven fighter and leader.

As your new Chairman and committeeman, from Day One, I will:

1. Make sure that every Republican has a chance to be heard.

2. Form a strong Chicago GOP steering committee to slate strong GOP candidates for public office and recruit a new generation of committed, ethical leaders.

3. Recruit and aggressively support precinct captains and election judges.

4. Put an end to the infighting. If we all work together, we all can have a seat at the table. United, we win. Divided, we lose.

5. Have regular meetings and offer complete transparency. I will be accountable to you…always.

To join the GOP Chicago Steering Committee email Tracy at williamjpkelly(at)


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