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Kelly says to  Illinois GOP Chair: “Resign.”

 Chicago, Illinois, February 27, 2012 – At a Sunday press conference, longtime conservative and Republican candidate for committeeman of the 42nd ward  called on Illinois Chairman Pat Brady to resign after supporting a candidate whose family gives mass contributions to key Democrats including Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and Dick Durbin.

Here is a copy of Kelly’s statement:

My name is William J. Kelly. I am a Republican candidate for committeeman of the 42nd ward. Early voting starts tomorrow. The election is just 24 days from now.

I’ve heard many Republicans say that this is the most important election in our nation’s history. However, here in Chicago, in CookCounty, we have no candidates. Our GOP leaders have failed to recruit or slate any candidates for State’s Attorney, Cook County Recorder of Deeds, and the list goes on.

And the good GOP candidates we do have in many cases are being opposed or challenged in their Republican primaries by stalking horse Democrats, aided and abetted by, who? The Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, Pat Brady.

The most recent example of this is Brady’s endorsement of my opponent, Tom Smithburg, whose family has given thousands upon thousands of dollars to Democrats.

Smithburg’s D-2s are a veritable smoking gun of everything that is wrong with Illinois politics. His contributions include such key Democrats as Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, Dick Durbin, and many others. What is the explanation for this? Answer: There is no explanation for this.

If you are a Republican, you don’t give tens of thousands of dollars to Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, and Dick Durbin. And if you are the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, you don’t endorse people who do.

In life, you don’t want to jump to conclusions. You want to give all people the benefit of the doubt. My faith also instructs me to turn the other cheek. But there comes a time when you have to face facts. Pat Brady lost us the governor’s mansion in 2010. He condemned Republicans in Illinois to a gerrymandered congressional house and senate map for the next ten years. And now he is jeopardizing any chance of us having a real Republican Party in Chicago.

Chairman Pat Brady is a clear and present idiot. He is a danger to Republican voters in the 42nd ward and around the state ofIllinois. He must be removed. This may sound harsh – but I am putting it nicely. Because the only other explanation is that he is sandbagging the Republican Party on purpose.

If Brady is capable of any decency, he would resign effective immediately and allow committed candidates like myself to run and win and help to build a real Republican Party. This is what I intend to do as committeeman of the 42nd ward and new Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party.

I have the endorsement in this race of Dick Morris who is coming to Chicago on my birthday, March 10th for a fundraiser. You can find all the details on the endorsement, the fundraiser, and my candidacy at I would like to remind you that early voting does start tomorrow and I would like to personally ask you to vote for me William J. Kelly for Republican committeeman of 42nd ward. Thank you.

End statement

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IL GOP Chair Facing Criticism for Personal Power Grab in Key Illinois Races

 Sunday, February 26, 2012

2:00 p.m.

WHAT: Republican candidate and longtime taxpayer advocate, William J. Kelly, who  is running for GOP committeeman of the 42nd ward and Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party is calling for Illinois Chair Pat Brady’s resignation after his endorsement of a candidate whose family has given thousands of dollars to Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, Dick Durbin, and other major Democrats.  “The Smithburg D-2s are the smoking gun of everything that is wrong with Illinois politics,” says Kelly.

The D-2 contributions from the family of Tom Smithburg, revealing the mass contributions to Rahm Emanuel, major Democrats, as well as to the Illinois Republican Party will be made available at the press conference.

Brady has also been receiving criticism for his personal involvement in contested GOP primary races this season, most notably, the now dirty campaign for Kane County Chairman. It is highly unusual – unheard of – for a state Republican chairman to become involved in a ward committeeman race as Brady has done in Chicago’s 42nd ward, which covers much of Chicago’s downtown area.

Kelly has been endorsed by national conservative Republican strategist and Fox News contributor Dick Morris. Morris will be coming to Chicago for Kelly on March 10th.

Other GOP candidates are facing contested primaries with Democrat candidates running in Republican primaries this March. With little help from the Illinois leadership, some of those candidates will also be making remarks about their races.

WHEN:   Sunday, February 26, 2012

2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Hilligoss Galleries

520 N. Michigan Avenue

Chicago, Illinois

(Michigan Avenue entrance)

Dick Morris to Headline Chicago Fundraiser for William J. Kelly

Chicago, IL, February 10, 2012 – Former White House senior advisor and Fox News contributor Dick Morris is taking a stand in Chicago. In a mass email to supporters sent out Thursday, Morris said the Chicago Republican Party is “nothing short of pathetic.” According to Morris, “It [the Chicago Republican Party] has not been an effective force of opposition for many decades and has gotten so used to losing that it cannot pull itself out of the rut into which it has fallen.”

In order to retool the Chicago GOP leadership, Morris has endorsed conservative firebrand William J. Kelly for Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party and 42nd ward committeeman. Kelly is opposing the Chicago Republican Party’s current chairman in the upcoming March 20th primary.

“I am pleased and proud to endorse William J. Kelly for the post of Chicago Republican Chairman and Republican committeeman,” said Morris in his letter.  “Kelly is a fighter who uses tactics that are unconventional, often brilliant, and frequently humorous to drive home his points….His attacks against the [Emanuel] Administration and Democratic programs would attract national attention and put the Chicago Republican Party on the map again.”

To that end, Morris will be headlining a Chicago St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser for William J. Kelly on March 10th at Chicago’s Signature Room on the 95th Floor of the John Hancock Building.  The best-selling author will hold a private VIP reception and deliver a speech to attendees at the Signature Room on the 95th.  For ticket information or to purchase tickets, visit:

 Morris says there is new hope for Chicago Republicans and points to the 18-year reign of Republican Mayors in New York. “If they can upend their invested
Democratic machine, we can too,” he said.