NEWS: William J. Kelly Endorses Rich Grabowski for the 3rd District

OAK LAWN, IL, February 28, 2012 –  William J. Kelly, conservative leader and former statewide Republican candidate for Illinois Comptroller, announced today his endorsement of Richard Grabowski for the 3rd Congressional District.

“The people of the 3rd District deserve real Republican leadership and integrity,” said Kelly. “I have come to know Richard Grabowski and can attest with absolute certainty that he is the best candidate to lead Republicans to victory in this critical election year,” said Kelly.

Real Republicans may be in shorter supply than expected. Grabowski’s campaign released documents last week showing that one of his GOP opponents, Jim Falvey, had taken six Democrat primary ballots in the last nine primary elections.

“He [Falvey] is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing,” said Grabowski. “The Republicans of the 3rd District deserve better than Falvey to go up against Dan Lipinski. They deserve someone who is what he says he is.”

“With Rich Grabowski, the 3rd District will be getting an honest, ethical public servant for a change,” says Kelly. “Today, in Illinois and in Washington DC, our elected officials are fleecing taxpayers, businesses, homeowners and families with waste, fraud, corruption, and abuse of power. We need honesty and integrity like never before. Rich Grabowski isn’t politics as usual. He is what politics is supposed to be about. It’s supposed to be about people.”

“William J. Kelly’s fearless taxpayer advocacy over the last twenty years and national news reporting on conservative issues has truly been an inspiration. I am proud and honored to have his support and endorsement in the 3rd District,” said Grabowski of Kelly, who is known for his tough Republican challenge to Rep. Bobby Rush in the neighboring 1st District in 1994.  “I promise to earn every vote and will work tirelessly to unite conservative Republicans and independents together in order to bring us to victory in November and beyond.”

“With Rich Grabowski, what you see is what you get. A candidate of business sense and common sense. A dedicated family man with a proven commitment to Republican ideals. And a thoughtful leader who can truly make a difference,” said Kelly.


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