Kelly’s Statement on Smithburg-Voting Record Lie


Chicago, Illinois, March 4, 2012 – William J. Kelly, Republican candidate for 42nd ward committeeman has called out his opponent Tom Smithburg and Illinois GOP Chairman for lying about his voting record. In response to their statements, Kelly released his voting records earlier today. He made the following statement at a press conference this morning:

Statement by William J. Kelly

My name is William J. Kelly. I’m a Republican candidate for committeeman of the 42nd ward. As a lifelong Chicagoan, I love our city and I’m always proud. But there’s no doubt that our city has fallen on hard times. But like every great city or civilization, it is within her power to get back on her feet. But only if the will of its people and leaders call for it. On this 175th birthday of our great city of Chicago, I’m calling for it. But sadly, the other so-called leaders have proven to be idiots, cowards, and downright deceivers.

And I’m not just talking about the Democrats. As you know, the Chairman of our own party, Pat Brady, has endorsed my opponent Tom Smithburg. Whose family gives tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats including Rahm Emanuel , Dick Durbin, and Barack Obama.

Pat Brady’s character is for sale. Mine isn’t. To borrow a phrase, Abraham Lincoln would be rolling over in his grave.

But as if that weren’t bad enough, Smithburg and Brady are lying about my record. And I’m talking about a political issue as if it weren’t bad enough. But they about a record that is very personal to me. A record that I have stood up for every day of my life. That is – my voting record. My opponent, Tom Smithburg, has publicly claimed that I vote straight Democrat. Anyone who knows me – knows that is an most absurd dirty trick, a smear, and lie you can level against me. Anyone who doesn’t know me would simply have to google “William J. Kelly conservative” – to find out how absurd the lie is.

To tell a Chicago Republican that William Kelly is a democrat is like telling a Grabowski that Mike Ditka is the Coach of the Green Bay Packers. Not only would he never believe you but he would think you were an idiot for even making such a statement.

But ironically enough Tom Smithburg is just such an idiot. And the worst kind of idiot at that. A young idiot with no life experience. With unlimited family money. But this Smithburg family money will never be able to buy young master Smithburg the rich history of activism that I have earned. It will never buy Young Master Smithburg the character that I have earned. It will never buy Young Master Smithburg the name that I have earned.

But there is hope. There is one thing that Young Master Smithburg can do that doesn’t cost any money at all. And it is the first step to having character. Listen closely, Young Master Smithburg, I am about to tell you something that your father – with all his wealth – has obviously never told you: Tell the truth. It may sound simple. I might not sound glamorous – but it truly is what real leaders and what real men are made of.

If you would like to know the truth about William J. Kelly and the truth about my voting history, please go to and by the way, those are not friends that I bought – those are real friends. Go to and click on the truth squad – and there for all to see is my voting record.

Also, while you are there – click on the details about my birthday party with another true friend, Dick Morris, who has not only endorsed me but is coming to Chicago on March for my birthday fundraiser on the 95th floor of the Hancock Building and please let me take this opportunity to personally ask you to vote for me, William J. Kelly to be your Republican committeeman of the 42nd ward. You can vote early or you can vote on Election Day March 20th. Thank you, again, and Happy Birthday Chicago.


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