Chicago, Illinois, March 16, 2012 – If Tommy Smithburg, candidate for 42nd ward committeeman, thought he was going to be a good representative of the Illinois Republican Party, he and his cronies had better think again.

A video has surfaced featuring the violent group that Smithburg hired for a recent Northwestern fraternity recruitment.  WARNING: The video contains graphic images, extreme violence, people being abused with staple guns, thumb tacks, broken bottles, and lewd sex acts.  Organized by Smithburg, attendees were encouraged to cheer on the physical abuse at the college campus and videos and photos were emailed around campus exhibiting the level of violence which shocked the school administration. The event was not approved by Northwestern and Smithburg and his fraternity were suspended from Northwestern in what was deemed an illegal hazing incident. The bizarre incident does not reflect well on the recent college graduate who has no record as a Republican or as a conservative yet is vying to represent Chicago’s 42nd ward.

Smithburg’s despicable frat-boy behavior is reflective of his decision to hire the disgraced Jeremy Rose, who was forced to resign from the Cook County Republican Party and the Chicago Young Republicans in a sex scandal involving young Republican females.

The sex scandal was covered by the Huffington Post, Capitol Fax, and numerous conservative blogs. In one incident,  a woman reported, ” I became very uncomfortable on the walk over, as Jeremy was putting his hand on my neck and around my waist….When we arrived, Jeremy continued with this sort of behavior, putting his hand on my thigh…”  Apparently, when the woman tried to leave, it only got worse.  “Jeremy and the other guy refused to walk me out, saying I needed to stay and hang out with them, and Jeremy took my phone away from me (I had been trying to call a cab) and sat on my lap, not letting me up. At this point I felt like his behavior was bordering on keeping me there by force.” (Source: Huffington Post)

In addition to his sleazy frat-boy hires and scandal-ridden behavior, Smithburg has been under fire by 42nd ward Republican officials for his unsubstantiated lies about his Republican opponents. He was recently caught in the act of lying about his opponent, longtime Republican William J. Kelly’s voting record despite the availability of the public record at the Chicago Board of Elections.  In an act of face-saving desperation, Smithburg continues to make repeated denials and cover-up his missteps today.

Kelly has been endorsed in the race by national conservative political strategist and Fox News contributor, Dick Morris.  But Smithburg has been criticized for “buying” political endorsements from Illinois politicians who received donations from his parents, who contribute to key Democrats like Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, and Dick Durbin among others.




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