A letter from William J. Kelly to all Illinois and tea party conservatives: 

I should have said it a long, long time ago but I’m saying it now: Dan Proft is worse than a RINO. He is a “false flag” conservative.

I first met Proft in 1994 when he volunteered to work on my campaign for congress in the heavily gerrymandered First Congressional District. I was running against former Black Panther Bobby Rush and I succeeded in exposing Rush’s $50,000 in back taxes, unpaid child support and parking tickets. As I was in my twenties, that was quite enough at the time.

So I have known Proft for almost twenty years but I realize that I don’t know him at all.

Who is this guy, really?

Proft has revealed his true treacherous colors this election cycle for everyone to see. It is not even deniable. He endorsed a lot of candidates this season. Unfortunately, they were all “combine-style” RINOs running against true conservatives. 

He endorsed Jim Falvey, a candidate with a Democrat voting record, over Richard Grabowski in the Third Congressional District. Why?

He endorsed Jeanne Ives over Tea Party conservative Laura Pollastrini and Dave Carlin, District Director for Joe Walsh. Why?

Proft’s interference in the race of longtime conservative Rep. Don Manzullo and endorsement of freshman Rep. Adam Kinzinger has enraged Tea Party leaders in the Rockford area who supported Manzullo and they should be enraged.  But Tea Party leaders shouldn’t be surprised.

And, yes, Dan Proft endorsed my opponent in the 42nd ward committeeman’s race in Chicago. As I have made clear, my goal was to become Chairman of the Chicago GOP, build a real Republican Party, slate Republican candidates for all open offices, and build an organization to get out the vote necessary in Chicago and Cook County in order for Republican candidates to win statewide.

And, although, Proft would probably tell you in a speech that these are also his goals, he endorsed my opponent, one 23 year-old Tommy Smithburg, whose family gives tens of thousands of dollars to the Chicago Democrats that Dan Proft claims to oppose. Democrats that include Rahm Emanuel (this was a $10,000 contribution for Rahm’s mayoral bid), Dick Durbin, and Barack Obama. Again, why?

So who is this guy? Who is Dan Proft really?

We do know that he has a history of taking no-bid lucrative contracts from dirty Cicero. His business partners are still taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Cicero. And Proft still has his dirty fingers in the dirty pot of Mayor Larry Dominick of Cicero, who is a hold-over from the reign of convicted felon Betty Loren-Maltese. 

Who is this guy?

He says he has a successful track record of working for conservative candidates. But he publicly admits he worked for Judy Baar Topinka. Around the same time, he proudly claims to have worked for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jack Ryan. But the Ryan campaign was the worst bungled effort I have ever seen. Dan Proft could not have done a better job of handing that U.S. Senate seat to Barack Obama if he was trying to.  Was he trying to?

Who is this guy?

To all conservatives and tea party leaders, are you Dan Proft’s faithful followers or his useful idiots?

As Vladmir Lenin once said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” Proft has definitely been a student of Lenin.

However, I am a student of Reagan. And, sadly, I can spot a traitor and a backstabber when I see one.

Hopefully, you can too.


William J. Kelly



  1. That Proft is a piece of work alright. I remember when he left a trail of bad check after bad check after bad check to his former employees at The Illinois Leader.

    If he would screw over his loyal emloyees, imagine what he would do to the voters.

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