Chicago, Illinois, April 4, 2012 – Longtime taxpayer watchdog William J. Kelly announces today the formation of the Chicago Republican Organization (“CRO”), a new group formed to build a “real Republican Party in Chicago.”

“Illinois has been called the Greece next door and we are. Cook County’s local government debt of $108 billion exceeds one-third of Greece’s GDP,” says Kelly. “How did we get here? Through a corrupt one-party system and a lack of any true political opposition. We cannot wait twenty years for a two-party system in Chicago so we are going to build one.”

Kelly says that he is forming a Board of Directors of business and reform-minded political leaders to lead CRO and to help recruit candidates and organize Chicago and Cook Countyto get out the vote for Republican candidates for local, statewide, and national office.

The organization is already planning its summer fundraising initiatives and membership drives – including a boat cruise event with national speakers. Kelly says that he will build on his extensive track record of success with special events to drive membership and volunteer efforts. For Kelly’s recent event at Chicago’s historic Signature Room with Fox News’ Dick Morris, he had an overflow crowd of attendees.

“In order for Illinois Republicans to win statewide and national office, getting out the Chicago and Cook County vote is critical. But, to date, that effort has been an abject failure,” says Kelly. “CRO will step up to the plate to do the job that has not been done in Chicago in years.”

A new website at will launch in the coming weeks. Details about the first monthly meeting scheduled for April will be posted soon at




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