From Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform

To All My Fellow Tea Party and Conservative Friends,

Many of you probably received an email from Illinois Tea Party organizer Denise Cattoni late yesterday, which also named me.  The email was in response to a letter I posted on my website in praise of a flowchart being circulated by Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform.

See my letter here.

First of all, I just want to say that I don’t blame Denise Cattoni for the email. Not at all.

Dan Proft is the typical bully who doesn’t pick on people his own size. Instead, he is hiding behind a poor soul, Denise Cattoni, expecting her – forcing her – to defend him. Defend him in the same way poor Denise Cattoni was forced to defend Proft’s friend and ally, the disgraced Steve Stevlic and his prostitution problems.

There is a very critical reason why this email was sent out yesterday.

Because the flowchart (see chart) released by the Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform, was very damning and damaging to Proft, John Tillman, Andy McKenna, and Pat Hughes and the unfortunate game they appear to be playing under the guise of “real reform.” Ironically, the chart was based on very simple, searchable information from the State Board of Elections website – information anyone could have uncovered.

I am the subject of criticism because I support the effort of Citizens for Ethics Reform. And now, many more people do as well.


Because with so many red flags being raised about Proft and his Cicero dealings, his bullying attempts to silence some tea party organizers who are critical of him, and now this new information about how the Illinois Policy Institute is being used or misused – we all need to be asking some serious questions.

Unfortunately, there are some people that do not want us to ask or talk or discuss what is going on here. But if the Tea Party movement – the conservative movement – hopes to have any legitimacy now or in the future – how can we not ask these questions?

Do we just ignore bad/wrong/corrupt behavior because someone happens to hide behind the word “conservative?” Isn’t the tea party movement in Illinois supposed to be about asking tough questions, freedom of speech, and uncovering ethical abuses of power?

To be quite honest, I wish all of this were not the case. I have tried to reach out and work with many of these people and their “organizations” for years. But now I understand why they were so unwilling to work with so many reform-minded people and tried and true conservative leaders inIllinois.

In my opinion, it is because they do not care about real reform. But for those of us that do care about real reform, how can we not stand up and speak out when it is necessary?  We cannot allow anyone – no matter who they are or who they purport to be – to bully us into silence. I hope that all of you who are reading this will continue to ask the tough questions that need to be asked.

I certainly intend to do that and more.

Please feel free to share the above flowchart on the Illinois Policy Institute’s activities with your contacts.


William J. Kelly



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