KELLY: Conservatives finally waking up to Proft

CHICAGO, IL – Once again the ethically and morally-challenged Dan Proft was evasive when questioned publicly about his deep connections to crime-connected Cicero officials and top campaign bundlers to Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel.

Proft spoke before TAPROOT organization at the Naperville/Lisle Hilton Saturday. It was the same exact David Mamet speech he has given for the past 9 months; I’ve heard it at least three times. The same combination of questions and answers. The same boring platitudes. Nothing new.

Since I made it clear I would be attending the meeting to ask Proft questions, he came prepare to evade them:

1. Dan, why are all the things you say so different than what you actually do?

2. Why would anyone who calls themselves a reformer – especially a so-called conservative one – be in bed with crooked Cicero Larry Dominick and the mob-connected Pesek brothers?

3. Why would a so-called conservative reformer be in bed with top bundlers to Barack Obama (more than $238,000) and top donors to Rahm Emanuel ($200,000 in 2011)? Donors who worked for Soros Fund Management with a troubling history of funding both socialists and RINOs?

4. Why would he use that money support Democrats over conservative and tea party candidates in the recent Republican primary?

5. And why did he aggressively promote CPAC instead the Illinois GOP Convention at a critical time – when conservatives and tea party activists needed to demand direct elections and hold the Republican Party to account for their recent actions on passing ObamaCare, higher taxes, and gambling expansion?

As any member of TAPROOT who was present at the forum can attest, Proft’s smug evasiveness was glaringly apparent to the audience and it definitely did not help him.  Arrogance should never be mistaken for eloquence; that is the mistake Proft continues to make. The audience wanted him – for once – to just answer the questions.

Illinois conservatives – having been at the mercy of crooked Illinois Democrats – don’t find “corrupt conservatism” especially appealing.

William F. Buckley was a hero of mine; but Proft is no Buckley.

Buckley would not have been on the payroll of grotesque Cicero thugs like Larry Dominick.

He would not have been on the Morton School District payroll of crooked Jeff and Craig Pesek, Proft’s friends, who were caught on FBI surveillance tapes discussing a mob-ordered bombing of a Berwyn business with Mark Polchan, a key associate of convicted mobster Michael Sarno. Incidentally, the Peseks are business partners with admitted cocaine dealer Enrique “Henry” Rendon.

When I mentioned Proft’s relationship to Obama’s top campaign bundlers, he tried to level some strange put-down about there being a “William Kelly purity test.”  But would Ronald Reagan ever have taken money or given money to a Barack Obama or a Rahm Emanuel?

Sorry Dan, but it shouldn’t be too much to ask that people who represent themselves as “conservative reformers” not make their living through mob-connected Cicero thugs, assorted criminals, or  Obama bundlers. You’ve set the bar just a little too low.

Yes, Proft uses “conservative window-dressing” to advance himself. But who really knows if believes anything?

We are coming upon the most important election of our lifetime: an opportunity to defeat President Obama and his extreme left-wing progressive policies that threaten to fundamentally change America. An America we won’t be able to recognize.

But we are fighting an Illinois Republican Party that is, arguably, in collusion with corrupt Democrats. At its best, our party is ineffective. At worst, they are doing it on purpose. (See a preview of our new TV ad spot: “The Illinois Republican Party isn’t broken; it’s fixed”)

We are also fighting people who cast themselves as conservative reformers; but their actions speak more loudly than their false conservative words.

Illinois conservative and tea party organizations are finally waking up to Proft and his crooked associates and what he is doing through the web of political action committees being run through John Tillman, former Illinois GOP chief Andy McKenna, and the so-called “not-for-profit” Illinois Policy Institute.

The awakening for Illinois conservatives is a rude one – but then again so is Proft.



  1. Principal quits unexpectedly

    January 21, 2004|By Bob Goldsborough.
    VILLA PARK — Jefferson Middle School Principal Michael Kuzniewski has resigned after more than eight years on the job and is no longer working at the school.Villa Park Elementary District 45 Supt. William Schewe acknowledged that it is “highly unusual” for a principal to leave during the school year.

    Minutes – Topic Discussed
    12/08/03 – The Board reviewed the details of allegations brought against Dr.
    Michael Kuzniewski, Jr. by staff members at Jefferson Middle School
    as presented by Dr. Schewe, Superintendent. Board members
    expressed extreme displeasure and disgust at his alleged actions
    against staff members, the possible liability at which he placed the
    District and the failure to keep the trust the Board placed in him
    as an administrator in the District. It was decided that the Board
    would agree to accept Dr. Kuzniewski’s resignation effective
    June 30, 2004. The Superintendent was directed to offer no more
    than three months severance with an understanding that he will be
    on administrative unpaid leave for the balance of the year.

    12/15/03 – Discuss the leave of absence and acceptance of resignation of
    Dr. Michael Kuzniewski. The Superintendent reviewed the
    agreement in total.

    12/15/03 Discussed reporting to questions of press and discussed helping
    staff with transition.

    The above minutes are from the closed session minutes released by District 45 in Dupage County

    Allegations against Kuzniewski, sexual harassment, which he continues to do in District 201

    Kuzniewski has become part of the “good old boys club” along with Pesek and other board members, hiring a number of Pesek’s friends and family members to a variety of positions within the district at outrageous salaries.

    We’re in a financial crisis according to Kuzniewski but he spent $15, 000 for a personal bathroom with marble tile in his district office. There are shower facilities in all the buildings a waste of money if you ask me. In addition, his salary has increased by over $60,000 with benefits and perks which his friends on the board approve. I’ll scratch you back if you scratch mine. Taxpayer money being used to pay for whatever these individual’s want for themselves not for your children.

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