Cicero Dan Proft Insults Friedman’s Memory at Economic Dinner (VIDEO)

If you are receiving this, you may be attending the Milton Friedman Economic Freedom Dinner that is taking place in Gurnee.

I know many of you from my run for Illinois Comptroller in 2010 and, in the spirit of integrity and truth, I wanted to share a bit of insight with you before that event takes place.

I understand that Dan Proft will be giving a presentation on the famed free market economist.  Given Proft’s deep financial ties to the corrupt towns if Cicero and Morton Grove school districts, I found this to be a subject of curiosity:

Where did Proft actually learn about Milton Friedman?

Did he learn about Milton Friedman from his no-bid Cicero contracts?

Did he learn about free market economics from Cicero’s infamous town President Larry Dominick?

Or the corrupt, mob-connected Pesek brothers and the no-bid school district contracts he received through them?

Milton Friedman might have been talking about Proft and his thuggish Cicero pals when he said, “Many people want the government to protect the consumer.  A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government.”

And protect the consumer we must.

As consumers, we must also ask critical questions of the people around us.

In Proft’s case, here are some questions that genuinely deserve to be asked:

Why would anyone who calls themselves a reformer – especially a so-called conservative one – be in bed with crooked Cicero president Larry Dominick?

And why would he hook-up with the mob-connected Pesek brothers?

Is this is keeping with Morton Friedman’s economic principles?

I think not.

Would Mr. Friedman be associated himself with Larry Dominick – the same Dominick who admitted to hiring more than 20 family members – including his wife and eight of her relatives?

Would Mr. Friedman have been on the Morton School District payroll of crooked Jeff and Craig Pesek, Proft’s friends, who were caught on FBI surveillance tapes discussing a mob-ordered bombing of a Berwyn business with Mark Polchan, a key associate of convicted mobster Michael Sarno? The Peseks are business partners with admitted cocaine dealer Enrique “Henry” Rendon.

Would he have taken more than $616,000 in no-bid government “town” contracts and $308,000 alone to represent a “town” building?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking Cicero Dan Proft before he speaks to extol the virtues of someone who would not appreciate his two cents.

Especially when his “two cents” comes from the corrupt town of Cicero.

We can – and should – be able to do better.


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