Chicago, Illinois, November 10, 2012 – William J. Kelly has announced the formation of an exploratory committee for Illinois comptroller for the 2014 elections. Kelly, who ran previously for the office, made his announcement today at the Illinois Center Right Coalition.

Kelly has issued the following statement:

Today, in wake of Tuesday’s election bloodbath – local, state, and national – Republicans need to start organizing for 2014. Some people will say it is too early – I say, hopefully, it is not already too late. Many have asked me: What do we do now? First, I’ve called for Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady to resign for his failures in 2010 and 2012. Earlier this year, we called for direct elections at the Illinois State GOP Convention and now are in the process of filing a lawsuit to return, to Republican voters, the right to vote for their party leadership. Leadership needs to be accountable to the people and that is what direct elections will accomplish. Finally, we will be developing a slate of candidates from top to bottom – from the U.S. Senate on down.

To that end, I am announcing the formation of my exploratory committee to run for Illinois Comptroller. I ran for comptroller in 2010 against Judy Baar Topinka to use the office as a check on the out-of-control spending in Springfield. Two years into Topinka’s rein as comptroller – we are still not better off. We do not have less spending. We do not have lower taxes. We do not have more accountability or transparency. We haven’t been upgraded. We’ve been downgraded – twice.

In this formative stage, I intend to go around the entire state of Illinois for the next two years and meet with and listen to any group that is sincere about reforming the state of Illinois. If my candidacy is in the voters’ best interests, I pledge to be the most accessible candidate and the most transparent comptroller in the history of Illinois.

The slate of candidates that I support in 2014 will be developed in conjunction with proven statewide leaders and organizations. Together, we will them give them candidate training, handle their media, fundraising, aid them in their petition initiatives, and travel with them through the state to ensure their voices are heard and are known to the GOP primary voters.

Like many others, I was deeply disappointed – but not surprised – at Tuesday’s election results. The Illinois GOP has been a fractured party of political insiders for too long. Together, real Republican leaders and organizers have the opportunity to change that in 2012 in beyond.


A longtime taxpayer watchdog, William J. Kelly is a conservative columnist with national and DC publications. He is the Chairman of, a non-profit organization dedicated to free market principles. A lifelong resident of Illinois, he is the founder and principal of an Emmy award-winning TV production house in Chicago.



  1. Best wishes for your 2014 organization… please encourage and support Tim Wolfe in the 9th CD.. the current Republican Party did nothing for him in 2012.. nor did they support Joe Walsh in 2010…   Joe Tragesser Lake Zurich, IL


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