KELLY TO ROCKFORD TEA: Blame Brady, Cross, and…Radogno

Chicago, Illinois, November 15, 2012 – Some  Illinois conservative leaders are up-in-arms calling for Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno to go.

Family PAC’s Paul Caprio has cited Radogno’s failure to help support pro-family candidates for office and has made statements in support of Sen. Kyle McCarter and Sen. Dan Duffy to take on the GOP reigns.  Other conservatives also remember Radogno’s involvement in the passage of HB 5007 – which implements ObamaCare’s expansion of Medicaid two years early in Illinois. Last May, she urged five lame duck Republicans to cross-over and vote for the bill.

So, yes, I agree, Radogno should go. We just don’t need any more Republicans who act like Democrats.

But if Radogno is an example of failed Illinois GOP leadership, then there are other “Republican leaders” that are clearly just as culpable for the political meltdown that took place last Tuesday.

If the argument against Radogno is that she failed to support pro-family Republican candidates this election cycle or due to her role as architect in the passage of progressive tax bills and spending,  then Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady and House Republican Leader Tom Cross should also step down and step down now.

The combined “leadership” of Brady, Cross, and Radogno has delivered nothing but failure to Illinois Republican voters.

Even in 2010 – a national Republican landslide year – the Illinois GOP establishment fumbled the single biggest opportunity for continued Republican gains:  the gubernatorial race .  By losing that race, Illinois Republicans lost any say in the statewide legislative remap.

That was key to Republicans’ political future.

What kind of political future can we really expect now? The legislative redistricting process takes places once a decade.

That failure – again in a Republican landslide election year – is the reason for the political bloodbath we experienced in Illinois last week.  It is that failure that caused Illinois Republicans to lose four congressional seats, seven state house seats, and five state senate seats giving Illinois Democrats supermajorities – and strong one-party Democrat rule.

But Brady, Cross, and Radogno are not taking any responsibility for this epic failure.

Late yesterday, Cross endorsed Radogno for another term.  Brady has already stated he has no plans to resign.

Instead, these failed leaders say they will put forward a “plan” for the future of the Illinois Republican Party.  A plan that apparently involves even more moderate Republicans – instead of conservative ones.  A plan that – in the words of Rep. Aaron Schock involves candidates that “don’t offend moderate women and young people.”

What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Was liberal Judy Biggert a candidate that “offended women and young people?” How what about Bob Dold?  Dold was a pro-choice Republican who even introduced legislation to save Planned Parenthood from having its funding cut.

Aren’t these the text-book liberal Republicans that the Illinois establishment now says it needs to win elections moving forward?

So why didn’t these candidates win last Tuesday?

Conservative and Tea Party candidates were the force behind the 2010 election gains – Brady, Cross, and Radogno can take no credit for that.

Now, just two years after those dramatic victories, are Republican voters supposed to believe that the national and Illinois electorate no longer has an appetite for a message of pro-family values and personal and fiscal responsibility?

That is what our Illinois GOP leaders and members of the media would have us now believe.

The truth is – the Illinois GOP leadership of Brady,Cross, and Radogno blew it in 2010 and 2012 and now they deserve to go.


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