Pro-Family Leaders to Call on GOP Chair to Resign After Gay Marriage Statements


Pro-Family Leaders to Call on GOP Chair to Resign After Gay Marriage Statements

Friday, January 4, 2013

11:00 AM

illinois-republican-party-chair-backs-same-sex-ma-1-10027-1357172718-1_bigCHICAGO, ILLINOIS – January 3, 2013 – Members from Illinois’ pro-family movement will hold a press conference Friday outside State Republican headquarters at 55 W. Monroe Street in Chicago at 11:00 AM to call on GOP Chair Pat Brady to resign after he stated his support for same-sex marriage Wednesday.

Conservative activist William J. Kelly has released the following statement:

“Pat Brady’s statements in support of same-sex marriage insult the GOP’s pro-family base. They are in direct conflict with the Illinois Republican Party platform’s position on marriage and reveal, once again, the failure of leadership within the Illinois GOP to represent Republican voters. Illinois GOP voters deserve representation and they deserve better than Pat Brady’s lies and duplicity.”

Kelly says Brady’s record of failure as GOP Chairman is also clear: Brady was hastily appointed by party insiders to the GOP chairmanship in 2009 – without opposition. In 2010, he bungled the GOP’s chance to retake the governor’s office in a landslide Republican year. That failure meant Illinois Democrats retained exclusive re-map control of Illinois districts.

Earlier this year, Kelly called on Brady to resign after he interfered in state GOP primaries. Brady has also been widely criticized for the state GOP’s participation in a funding scheme involving top donors to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

At the State Convention in June, Brady and members of the State Central Committee also blocked the resolution on direct elections from going to a floor vote, which would have allowed GOP voters to directly elect their party leaders.

At a recent state central GOP committee meeting, Brady bragged of his fundraising record in the 2012 elections.

“But none of those funds went to help pro-family candidates for public office,” says Kelly. “Donations were squandered and the Illinois GOP lost race after race after race in 2012. That’s why GOP voters must call for Brady’s resignation effective immediately.”

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10 thoughts on “Pro-Family Leaders to Call on GOP Chair to Resign After Gay Marriage Statements

  1. Pat Brady is disgusting.. So glad I left the GOP in 2001! You are in my payers – I’m glad to know there are still some good men in upstate IL and you are one of them.

  2. Who do you support in the 2014 governor’s race thus far? I heard Dan Rutherford & Cogressman Aaron Schock are planning on running. What’s your take.

  3. Like it or not, gay marriage is coming. We still live under secular, not religious, law. The Constitution is secular, not religious. The law can define marriage any way that society will accept. Our secular society is going where the religious portion of society may not like it, but that won’t stop the change. The trend toward gay marriage is undeniable. It is just a matter of time, next year, in 5 years or in 10 years. Get used to it. And, if you don’t like gay marriage, just like abortion, your options are very, very simple: Don’t do it.

    1. Forcing religious institutions to accept gay marriage is a violation of the First Amendment. These laws discriminate against people and institutions of faith. That is what this is. Making “sexual orientation” a protected class is bad law. Watch for liberals to make “undocumented workers” a protected class next. The only people who it will be OK to discriminate against will be U.S. citizens and people who want to practice their faith. The Founding Fathers wouldn’t recognize this nation if they were alive today.

  4. The bigotry of the GOP will lead to its demise. Kelly and those like him can have their religious beliefs but that does not give them the right to deny legal rights to those they disagree with. The pro slavery forces in America used their Bibles to justify slavery. Would anyone even listen to such an argument today? No. And in a very short time, gay marriage has become the same to the majority of Americans. Giving legal rights to gay couples will not stop gays and lesbians from living together. They do now, so what is anyone afraid of? Gay people exist. And no one can make another gay any more than a straight person chooses to be straight. Time to get real and take an objective look at this issue from a freedom perspective and not a religious one. Those holding the view of Kelly are losing the argument. Will the GOP cease to exist because it holds on to this losing position? And no one is asking religious organizations to perform marriage ceremonies. There are marriages performed outside of a church all the time. That this will result in a violation of the First Amendment is a weak argument. Equality under the law does not create a “protected class”. It creates fairness under the law, a position the GOP, the party of Lincoln, should embrace.

    1. So happy Andrew that you have NO understanding of me or the Illinois GOP. Brady has been a failure for years and I have been calling for his ouster since 2010. When a football coach keeps losing – management fires him. But Illinois Republicans are too dumb and corrupt to do that. If you are going to talk, at least get your facts straight and if you can’t do that you are just polluting the air with your own ignorance and bigotry.

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