CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – January 3, 2013 – Pro-family leaders in Illinois are lashing out at GOP Chair Pat Brady in response to his statements Thursday opposing the GOP party platform on gay marriage and his calls to GOP lawmakers urging them to vote along Democrat party lines on new “marriage equality” legislation for same sex unions.

William J. Kelly, Chairman of the Safer Families Coalition, has released this statement following a press conference held this morning calling for the resignation of GOP Chair Pat Brady:

“Pat Brady’s statements in support of same-sex marriage insult the GOP’s pro-family base. His statements and actions are in direct conflict with the Republican Party platform’s position on marriage and reveal, once again, the failure of leadership within the Illinois GOP to represent Republican voters. Illinois GOP voters deserve representation and they deserve better than Pat Brady’s lies and duplicity,” said Kelly.

Video of today’s press conference is available here.

Kelly says Brady’s record of failure as GOP Chairman is also clear: Brady was hastily appointed by party insiders to the GOP chairmanship in 2009 – without opposition. In 2010, he bungled the GOP’s chance to retake the governor’s office in a landslide Republican year. That failure meant Illinois Democrats retained exclusive re-map control of Illinois districts.

Earlier this year, Kelly called on Brady to resign after he interfered in state GOP primaries. Brady has also been widely criticized for the state GOP’s participation in a funding scheme involving top donors to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

At the State Convention in June, Brady and members of the State Central Committee also blocked the resolution on direct elections from going to a floor vote, which would have allowed GOP voters to directly elect their party leaders.

Regarding finding a replacement for Brady, Kelly had this to say: “GOP voters deserve a fair and open process to find a new chairman, a process that allows numerous candidates to present their credentials and not the state central committee hand-picking another insider with no loyalty to the party platform or the voters. We don’t need another GOP Chairman who as is as bad as Pat Brady.”

“In Republican majority states, we don’t see Democrat party leaders telling their members to adopt Republican Party principles. So why should Republican voters accept their leaders telling party officials to vote the Democrat party line? We need a party chairman who believes in and promotes Republican principles, not Democrat ones. Pat Brady does not believe in Republican Party principles and should resign effective immediately.”

Kelly is a longtime Republican activist and former statewide candidate for Illinois comptroller in 2010.


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