This is a critical week for the Illinois Republican Party. On Saturday, the State Central Committee will vote to determine whether or not to oust Pat Brady as GOP party chairman.

This important meeting will take place at the Tinley Park Convention Center. I will be holding a Rally for the Future of the Illinois GOP beginning at 11:00 AM and am calling on all Republicans and conservatives of conscience to join us. There will be speakers. People will have their opportunity to be seen and heard. Freedom is what we celebrate. The future is what we fight for.

The facts are not in dispute:  Brady has been a failure as chairman. He has lost election after election. Under his failed leadership, Republicans have now lost remap control over the state for the next decade. He is responsible for the loss of key congressional districts in 2012. He has divided the party. He has personally involved himself in primary races and routinely targets good conservative candidates for office. He disregards and disrespects the GOP party platform. Everything that a good and honorable GOP party chairman should be – Pat Brady is not.

Pat Brady was forced to pressure Cicero’s Craig Pesek to resign his position at the State Central Republican Committee – even after his connections to criminals became apparent.

Why would anyone support such a failure of leadership? Why would anyone want it to continue?

The Illinois Republican Party cannot afford another election cycle with Pat Brady as chairman. But the party also cannot afford another Pat Brady, a Pat Brady wannabe, a Pat Brady clone, a dupe, or a stooge.

Yes, the goal is to replace Pat Brady but we need an open process to finds his replacement. We need a transparent process and GOP voters deserve to participate in that process.

I heard rumblings that Angel Garcia is a possible replacement to Pat Brady. But has Garcia been vetted in an open process? He aggressively supported the bill to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants in Illinois in November. Encouraging illegal immigration is against the GOP party platform.

If GOP leaders are unhappy about Pat Brady’s support for gay marriage, then they also need to question Garcia about this issue. Under Garcia’s leadership, the Chicago Young Republicans have participated in numerous Gay Pride Parades, shirtless and appearing on floats for the Log Cabin Republicans sporting marriage equality political slogans.

CYRs appear on floats for marriage equality at Chicago's Gay Pride Parade
CYRs appear on floats for marriage equality at Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade

This is not an attack on Garcia.  This is an example of why the Illinois GOP needs to vet the next GOP party chairman in an open process and have candidates present their credentials. We  need some honesty. We need to know what people believe – and if they support something other than the GOP platform -voters deserve to know why … before they are appointed.

Any candidate would deserve to be vetted. What are their conflicts of interest? How many suspect no-bid contracts have they received? Who have they been aligned with politically in the past? Do they have a record of ethics or corruption?

The future of the Illinois GOP – and the 2014 elections – this is what is at stake.

Depending on Saturday’s outcome with Pat Brady – I will have two press releases in my pocket. My own political intentions 2014 will depend on whether Brady remains as chairman.

In my opinion, Brady will ruin the party’s chances in 2014 and beyond. Real Republicans will need to field their own slate of candidates in party primaries. The challenges will be more challenging. But we will meet them.

That is why this Saturday is so important. If you are a Republican of conscience, join us. If you are a conservative or tea party voter fed-up with the status quo, join us. If you are an independent voter that sees how the political establishment works to undermine positive change, you need to join us this Saturday at the Tinley Park Convention Center at 11 AM.

The details are at



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