Brady’s Resignation is Opportunity to Unite Republican Party, Kelly Says

illinois-republican-party-chair-backs-same-sex-ma-1-10027-1357172718-1_bigUrges Open Process to Elect New GOP Chairman

Chicago, Illinois, May 7, 2013 – William Kelly, a leader in the conservative Republican movement in Illinois, commented today on the resignation of embattled former Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady.

“There are times in politics when you wish you weren’t right,” Kelly said of his months long effort to have Brady replaced.   Kelly was the first conservative leader to call for Brady to step down more than a year ago. “Pat Brady had the mistaken idea that the party worked for him, instead of the other way around.”

Kelly, a conservative columnist for national publications, said that the media has predictably turned the crisis in Brady’s failed leadership into a crusade for their own agenda.  “The media has consistently blown the gay marriage issue out of proportion,” Kelly said. “The hard-cold truth about Pat Brady’s failed era as party chairman is a story about a world-class ego being put before the well-being of the Republican Party.”

Kelly, a long-time leader on conservative issues, said that even more egregious than Brady betraying the party on a key issue, the former chairman foolishly and routinely inserted himself into party primaries-always against the conservative candidate, and worse yet, was the architect and mastermind of the disastrous statewide performance in the 2012 election.

“The party lost four congressional seats, and enough legislative seats to provide Democrats a veto-proof majority in both the Illinois Senate and House,” Kelly said.  “It was a defeat of historic proportions. There was no message, no plan, and no path to victory under Brady’s leadership.  It’s as if Pat Brady piloted the Hindenburg right into the Titanic.”

“It is time for the Illinois Republican Party to come together,” Kelly said.  “The way forward to party unity and victory is to pick a new leader who actually believes in what the party stands for, can effectively communicate that message, and leaves personal grudges out of the electoral process.”

Kelly, a potential candidate for statewide office in 2014, said he has no preference on who the party picks to replace Brady but says that the process should be an open one with full transparency and an opportunity for all candidates to present their credentials.   

“I stand ready to work with the new party chairman to unite the Republican Party to defeat Democratic candidates in Illinois, which should be the one and only mission of the new chairman.”



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