KELLY: Gorman threatened me over Cook County GOP’s endorsement of Rauner

Conservative activist William J. Kelly has issued this statement regarding the Cook County GOP’s endorsement of Bruce Rauner:

“Like many, I have been disgusted by the pay-to-play rigging of the Cook County Republican Party’s endorsement (and other endorsements) of Rahm Emanuel’s close political ally Bruce Rauner.  I’ve seen Champion News’ publisher Jack Roeser and Rauner himself shovel cash at Cook County GOP chairman Aaron Del Mar, a former supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton, in return for his ‘securing’ Del Mar’s support. Other GOP officials have also been bought off. This is the Cook County GOP’s first pre-primary endorsement ever and Rauner’s name will be the sole Republican candidate they will be pushing. Most Republicans know in their hearts that this is not where we should be going as a party.”

“So, disgusted by the rigged game, I started commenting on social media. As a result of a comment I made on Friday on the Capitol Fax blog, I began receiving numerous calls and text messages from Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman and her husband, Gerry Gorman, who works for Judy Baar Topinka, and Palos GOP committeeman Sean Morrison,to call them. I received another call from Gerry Gorman and I decided to accept the call, which lasted about 21 minutes. “

Here is an excerpt of that call:

“Gorman said to me, quote unquote  – expletives deleted… ‘Liz and Sean are very, very, very tight with Bruce Rauner. Bruce Rauner is going to win this election for governor and when he does Liz and Sean are going to be dividing up the jobs and the contracts. Now you can be on the inside of that or you can be on the outside of that.  Do you want me to set up a meeting with you with Bruce Rauner? I think you will discover he’s not who you think he is. I know that you have a problem with Bruce Rauner because he is close friends with Rahm Emanuel.’”

“I told Gorman that Rauner’s close relationship with Rahm Emanuel was a deal breaker for me and that I wasn’t interested in meeting with Rauner.”

“The comment in question on Capitol Fax was posted at 9:52AM on Friday, December 19th and was as follows: “Sean Morrison, Republican committeeman in Palos, told me, before any meetings or voting, online or other, that Rauner would get the Cook County Republican endorsement. So I guess it is just another paid ad for Rauner.”

“The phone calls, texts, and threats from Rauner’s supporters are continuing. If this is what Bruce Rauner means by bringing Illinois back, I’d like to know back from what? Back from corrupt practices? Back from threats and pay-to-play politics? Back from the kind of thug tactics Bruce’s good pal Rahm Emanuel is known for? Well, thanks but no thanks.”

“I will be making a sworn statement about the nature of this phone call from Gerry Gorman and will release it upon request. I am calling on all legal authorities to launch a formal investigation of this matter.”




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