Three goals: Defeat Rauner, primary Brady, save the Illinois GOP

In 2010, I vigorously supported Bill Brady for governor in the primary and in the general election. I believed he was sincere, that he was our best chance to control the remap, and rebuild the Illinois Republican Party. I was also involved in my own primary against Judy Baar Topinka for Illinois comptroller because  of her close ties to Democrats and support of their party platform.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Bill Brady blew the 2010 governor’s race. To make matters worse, when I ran in 2012 to be the chairman of the Chicago GOP, Bill Brady turned around and endorsed my opponent, Tommy Smithburg, whose family contributes thousands of dollars to Rahm Emanuel and other high ranking Democrats.

This is when my eyes were opened to the true nature of Bill Brady and the real problem facing the Illinois Republican Party.

Now, the Illinois Republican Party is facing the greatest threat in its history – a complete takeover by Rahm Emanuel’s top two money buddies, Bruce Rauner and Ken Griffin. It should be crystal clear to anyone who calls themselves a Republican, much less a conservative, that Bruce Rauner’s history of donating to Democrats, promoting extreme left-wing organizations and issues, as well as his close personal relationship with Rahm Emanuel, which – among other things – has resulted in making Emanuel a multi-millionaire, makes Bruce Rauner UNACCEPTABLE.

If there is any hope to achieve my lifelong dream of having a two-party system in the state of Illinois – first, we must either replace Bruce Rauner on the GOP ticket before the ballots are printed or, two, defeat him in the general election. Third, we need to primary all of Rahm and Rauner’s quislings in the Illinois Republican Party in 2016. The top quisling that must be primaried is Sen. Bill Brady. Then and only then will it be possible to begin the process of rebuilding the Illinois Republican Party in 2016.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

William J. Kelly


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