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Statement from the William J. Kelly campaign for Illinois Comptroller

With false reports widely circulating that he is withdrawing from the Illinois Comptroller’s race, William J. Kelly’s campaign has issued this statement:

“As a lifelong conservative in Chicago, I know what it means to stand up for what you believe in. I believe in the future of the Illinois Republican party and that the Comptroller’s office is key to reform. I also know that politics is a dirty business and that people who are not interested in real reform have tried to smear me out of this race. I will never be smeared out of my convictions and I will not be smeared out of this campaign.”

“I am definitely interested in conservative unity – something that I have been working for my whole life. But I would never acquiesce to another candidate who uses smear tactics to win an election. That is not what it means to be a conservative. That is why I am in this race to the end and I am in this race to win. I am the only candidate in the race who can win the General Election and help execute the true reform that the people of Illinois demand.”

William J. Kelly is the former executive director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois and was recently profiled in the Washington Times. He is a successful entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning TV production company and currently hosts a multi-state sports TV series, “Sportsaholic.” For information, visit



“GOP has Choice to Make with Mounting Opposition to RINO-Republicans in Key Offices Nationally,” Says Kelly


From William J. Kelly, GOP candidate for Illinois Comptroller

I began my career as Executive Director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, an affiliate of the National Taxpayers Union, where I developed  what would be a lifelong passion for activism. It wasn’t easy work but it was meaningful. After many petition drives and political campaigns for candidates and causes, I watched the media news outlets ignore our news. As a result, I learned to be much more creative and bold. No one and nothing was off limits. In 1994, I questioned Bill Clinton about his broken promise to the middle class on taxes, which was the subject of a National Review article called, “Rebel with a Cause.” (

Then, I ran against former Black Panther Rep. Bobby Rush and used it as a way to focus a spotlight on his then $50,000 in unpaid back taxes, child support and parking tickets. As a candidate and as a person, I will never hesitate to call out our representatives on their double standards and hypocrisy.  In his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama talked extensively about the value of being a “community activist.” But, it is even more critical now to be active and to speak out as a middle class American and as an American in general. With every tax increase, every bailout, every TARP, and every push towards rationing and government-run healthcare, our freedoms are being ripped from underneath us. However, we are not powerless. Our vote counts and, by voting for the right people, we can take our freedoms back. Who are the right people? Well, one thing is for certain. We need candidates who have proven that they mean what they say – no matter the political consequences. We don’t need candidates who just plagiarize position papers. That is lesson # 1 for the Illinois Republican party. 

People with a middle class or conservative mindset tend to “shy away” from the media, comedy and entertainment industries and that has proved disastrous for making sure our ideas and principles are represented in the popular culture. In 2009, we saw the power of TV, entertainment, and comedy with the election of Barack Obama. That is why it is more people with everyday American values need to participate in the media and entertainment industries. After many years in politics, in 2002, I formed a TV production company and earned an Emmy for a TV series called Upscale TV, an everyman’s funny search for the good life. Leveraging four years on FOX, we currently produce another TV series called “William Kelly’s Sportsaholic.” ( After being on TV and appearing statewide throughout the Midwest, I learned something truly valuable: If people like you, they are much more likely to listen to what you have to say and a big part of that is “being real.” That is one lesson for #2 for the Republican party: Be for real. These two fundamental ideas are a part of why I am running for office in 2010 and because I really want to change things, not just say that I do.

I am running on a platform to be Illinois’ first activist comptroller – to bring in real government watchdogs to put a spotlight on waste and corruption, to help create economic opportunity in the form of business incentives and job creation to a state that I love. If you are capable of thinking outside the box, you realize that the Comptroller’s office can be more than the office that auto-writes signatures on checks or oversees the cemetery system – and that is what I plan to do.

I originally fell in love with the Republican party because it was the pro-business party of entrepreneurs and hard-working real people. Where did that party go? Rather than complain about it, I realized that – just like in any relationship, maybe it is up to me to fix it. Maybe it is up to truly passionate people who believe in something to restore the balance of power – and not the Republican v. Democrat balance of power. What I am referring to is the balance of power that empowers real people to confront a too-powerful, corrupt, and irresponsible government. That is the true balance of power that needs to be restored. That is lesson # 3 for the Illinois Republican party. To be the party of the people.

Incumbent democrats have one answer to every problem: Raise taxes. That is what they call “revenue.” But taxes are NOT revenue. Revenue is what you earn, not what you take. Anyone who has had a business knows that. People who work everyday to earn a paycheck…they know that too. This is the best chance we have – perhaps in our lifetimes – to turn the state around and bring it back into the hands of real people.  It is our best chance to build a real Republican party of REAL Republicans. This will be a no-holds-barred fight for real reform and there will be many obstacles along the way. And one of the greatest challenges we have is to overcome the false Republicans that are part of the establishment Republican party in Illinois.

One of those false Republicans is Judy Baar Topinka, my opponent in the race for GOP Comptroller. If you watch this video above and believe, with me, that Topinka is neither the future of the Republican party nor represents mainstream Republican values in any way, please join our campaign today at


Bills Bout with Giannoulias

Kelly Takes Swing at Senate Candidate on Eve of Oct. 24th Mercy Bout

(CHICAGO) – On the eve the Ringside for Mercy’s Sake bout, Illinois Comptroller Candidate William J. Kelly is calling out U.S. Senate candidate Alexi “Chicken” Giannoulias for selfishly passing on an opportunity to raise funds for needy kids at the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

In August, Kelly had challenged the candidate to a $20K boxing challenge for charity at the Ringside for Mercy’s Sake which takes place this Saturday, October 24th. In September, Kelly upped the challenge to $26,000 in September – the price of the Giannoulias’ $26K SUV purchase using Bright Start monies, a $2 billion college savings fund for families that has lost $85 million since his term began.

“Alexi is just not man enough to fight me,” remarked Kelly about Giannoulas’ pass on the October 24th fight for charity. After everything that’s happened, I would have thought he would be happy to do something for the kids,” said Kelly. “As a candidate for U.S. Senate, Giannoulias is supposed to be a role model. A good one, not a bad one.”

Kelly has not let up on Giannoulias since then. Kelly cornered the candidate on-tape at his fundraiser questioning him on accepting the endorsement and contributions from the ACORN-tainted SEIU union. Media criticisms have mounted this week against on Giannoulias, focusing on the candidate’s statements about not accepting PAC money. But the Center for Responsive Politics reports that Giannoulias, who is Illinois’ treasurer, collected over $500,000 from PACs from 2006-2008, and for his US Senate run, Alexi has collected over $18,000 in PAC cash. Kelly was repeatedly criticized for the video ambush by influential liberal blogger, Rich Miller at

In September, The Washington Times also reported Kelly’s confrontation with the U.S. Senate candidate on tape about him holding a fundraiser on the morning of 9/11 when the first plane hit the Twin Towers.

Kelly’s SEIU video available at:

The Washington Times story and video is available at

William J. Kelly is running on a political platform to be Illinois’ first “activist” comptroller. Cited recently by the Washington Times as a new breed of media entity, William J. Kelly was previously the Executive Director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, an affiliate of the National Taxpayers Union. He ran for Congress against Rep. Bobby Rush (D) in 1994 and exposed the Congressman’s $50,000 in back taxes, child support, and unpaid parking tickets. Kelly is the host and executive producer of the TV series, “Sportsaholic” and the Emmy award-winning “Upscale TV,” which just completed a successful three-year run on FOX.


Website 1

William J. Kelly’s campaign for Illinois Comptroller officially launched a newly designed campaign website today. In the coming weeks, exciting new video will be added on a regular basis and Kelly’s Campaign blog will report personal stories from the campaign trail with Bill Kelly, his campaign manager Steve Ruggiero, and the Kelly for Comptroller team.  The site’s Kelly Truth Squad section will report on the day’s controversial topics and proposals with commentary and alert to Kelly Truth Squad members to take action by calling, emailing, or voicing their demand for accountability from the media and public officials.

The site also makes it easy to follow and message William J. Kelly through Facebook, email contact, to donate, or download Kelly’s signature petition. The new website is accessible at




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Police Search Scene at GOP Candidate for Comptroller’s Office

 (CHICAGO) – At 3:30PM on Sunday, William J. Kelly, candidate for Illinois comptroller and his campaign manager, Steve Ruggiero, arrived at their campaign office at 1000 N. Milwaukee to discover it had been forcibly broken into. 

 Missing items of political relevance include ward maps with campaign strategy, volunteer information and lists. Other missing items include fax/modem equipment, champagne and cigars. Kelly has filed a police report and the police have dusted for fingerprints and are searching for possible suspects.

 Kelly has been an outspoken critic of U.S. Senate candidate and Obama money man, Alexi Giannoulias. Kelly produced an ambush video on Giannoulias and his ACORN-tainted SEIU endorsement that has irked members of the Giannoulias campaign. Video clip available at:

 ”The police are conducting an investigation; we don’t know if the break-in was politically motivated, however, politically sensitive items were removed from our office. Regardless, this campaign is and always has been a campaign of reform vs. corruption. If anyone thinks that this break-in will intimidate me, they don’t know me very well. It will only make me campaign harder,” said Kelly.



Kelly says IL Constitutional Provisions Provide Pols “Cover for Self-Interest”

Statement by William J. Kelly, GOP Candidate for Illinois Comptroller

“Today students from around Illinois gathered in Springfield to protest the cuts to the state MAP grants. 138,000 students from low and working and middle class families have been affected by the cuts. Now comes word that the Illinois House has voted to fund the MAP Grants but without the money to pay for it. Add to this, the state cuts on veterans’ educational benefits and prisons and it is clear to see where our current lawmakers’ priorities are. ”

“What are the priorities? Continuing to fund an excessive and corrupt state pension system to the tune of $800 million a month and borrowing $3.5 billion in order to fund this year’s opportunistic public pension system in accord with ‘convenient’ constitutional provisions that bar cuts to these excesses.”

“With almost 4,000 retired state workers collecting $100,000 or more a year, more than half collecting more than $1million each, many double dipping from two or more government pension plans at Illinois taxpayer expense, retirees being paid more than their original salaries, and early retirement – this is bloated political corruption, opportunism, and self-interest at its worst.”

“Those who claim to be our public servants – all sitting lawmakers and former office holders like Judy Baar Topinka should see their pay and generous taxpayer-funded pension plans cut. They should agree to these cuts willingly. They should refund their past excesses. Moreover, public servants from across the spectrum should never have been ‘awarded’ the majority of these disproportionate retirement plans to begin with. With state pensions $90 billion underwater already, this system must change now before more students and veterans see their educational benefits cut or more prisoners are let go due to ‘necessary’ budget cuts.”

Kelly notes that Topinka, who is running for comptroller, makes $141,482 – 23 percent more than what she made when she left the state Treasurer’s office in 2007 according to news reports.

“The future of Illinois, its citizens, families, and children is at a crossroads. It is about time that we took that seriously. It is time that our representatives – current, former, and those running for office like Judy Baar Topinka – begin to see service as a means to reform and not an end to profit. Let’s put these representatives and candidates on the record and see where their true priorities are.”

“This is just another example of why we need people with actual business experience in state government and running the Comptroller’s Office.”


William J. Kelly is running on a political platform to be Illinois’ first “activist” comptroller.



Battery report filed with Chicago Police Department

(CHICAGO) – Sunday morning ex-Illinois Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka formally kicked off her campaign for Illinois Comptroller at Ina’s Restaurant in Chicago. Her conservative opponent in the February 2nd GOP primary, William J. Kelly, appeared at the kick-off outside with a statement about Topinka. “Illinois voters have already officially and unequivocally rejected Judy Baar Topinka,” said Kelly. “Under her leadership as party head, Topinka single-handedly destroyed the Illinois Republican party. She is definitely not the future of the Republican party or Illinois.”

Angered by Kelly’s appearance, a campaign official, believed to be Topinka’s campaign manager, saw Kelly outside the restaurant. Kelly was being interviewed by reporters from WBBM and WGN when the confrontation took place. The Topinka campaign official yelled at Kelly and shoved a video camera into the face of  Steve Ruggiero.  Ruggiero is part of Kelly’s staff and a U.S. veteran, who served two tours in Iraq and received two bronze stars. A police report, #HR 607258, has been filed with the Chicago Police department.

“This is the Comptroller’s race, not the WWE.  We are not going to be intimidated by the old style politics Topinka campaign or anyone else,” said Kelly.  “This is truly a campaign of old versus new, corruption versus reform.”

Cited recently by the Washington Times as a new breed of media entity, William J. Kelly was previously the Executive Director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, an affiliate of the National Taxpayers Union. He ran for Congress against Rep. Bobby Rush (D) in 1994 and exposed the Congressman’s $50,000 in back taxes, child support, and unpaid parking tickets. Kelly is the host and executive producer of the TV series, “Sportsaholic” and the Emmy award-winning “Upscale TV,” which just completed a successful three-year run on FOX.

 For more information, visit the website at