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Questions that Sen. Bill Brady (for Governor) Must Be Asked

Dear Conservative Friends,

This morning, I am at the Family PAC Conservative Summit to hear the candidates for Illinois governor speak. There are some very important questions that should be asked of Sen. Bill Brady and his support for driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants in Illinois.  If you are at the Summit this morning, please feel free to ask Sen.Brady one or more of these questions. If you have friends attending the summit, please feel free to forward this email to them as well.

Here are the questions:

Sen. Brady, the Illinois Association of Police Chiefs and all but three Illinois sheriffs opposed the bill to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in Illinois. But you were one of the bill’s lead supporters. How can you call yourself the conservative candidate in the race for Illinois governor after siding with the pro-amnesty interest groups?

Sen. Brady, you have said that giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is a safety and compassion issue. But is it really about safety or is it about perpetuating fraud in return for campaign cash? This bill – now law – does not require illegal immigrants to prove they have insurance upfront in order to receive a license. In New Mexico, they have had cases of hundreds of people registering the same car repair shop as their residence. How is this a conservative position on this important issue?

In 2007, the pro-amnesty group behind the driver’s licenses for illegals law said that, without requiring a passport and fingerprints, any bill would lead to fraud.  Yet those safeguards were taken out of the bill you supported? Do you think that supporting this law without those safeguards is responsible? And is this kind of support for bad legislation what we can expect from you in the future?

In the 18 states that have granted driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, 16 no longer issue them due to fraud. Why do you think Illinois will be any different give its history of bribes for licenses with convicted ex-Gov. George Ryan?

The group that was behind the illegal driver’s license bill – the pro-amnesty group, the Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights – has now said it will aggressively support same sex marriage legislation. Have you come out now and denounced that group? And will you be taking political funds from that group now or in the future for your campaigns?

Thank you for your attention to this important issue. Feel free to call me with any questions.

And, always remember that a successful life is asking for what you want, not accepting what you are given.

William J. Kelly
Safer Families Coalition

Kelly calls for Dec 4th Springfield Protest: Just say “No” to Driver’s Licenses for Illegals


Tuesday, December 4, 2012 – 10:00 AM Rally in the Capitol Rotunda, Springfield Illinois 

Tuesday afternoon – lobbying of Springfield legislators

Springfield coordinator: Sandy Dragoo, (ph) 217.725.9445, sandydrago@aol.com

Or contact William J. Kelly at (312) 768-8683 or williamjpkelly@gmail.com.

Thanks to Republican Leader Sen. Christine Radogno and Sen. Bill Brady, a new controversial bill to permit 250,000 illegal immigrants to receive Illinois driver’s licenses just cleared Senate Executive Committee by a 12-2 vote Thursday. A full Senate vote is expected next week.

If passed by the House and signed by Gov. Quinn in January, Illinois will join other states like New Mexico and Washington State in issuing licenses to undocumented workers.

According to the Highway Safety Coalition (HSC), a pro-amnesty front group, approximately 80,000 accidents are caused every year by “unlicensed, uninsured immigrants” in Illinois.

That begs the question: what happens to the 80,000 uninsured illegal immigrants involved in those accidents?

Illinois is a sanctuary state with a very lenient policy on illegal immigration. So next to nothing happens. Insurance premiums skyrocket and legal, insured drivers are on the hook for an extra $836 million a year.

So isn’t that another reason to punish – instead of rewarding – uninsured, illegal drivers?

Apparently, that’s not what Republican lawmakers Sen. Christine Radogno and Sen. Bill Brady believe.

This isn’t the first time Illinois has had a run-in with issuing “illegal” driver’s licenses.

n 1994, an illegally licensed truck driver named Ricardo Guzman caused the deaths of the six young Willis children in a fiery van crash near Milwaukee.

A large piece of the truck’s taillight assembly had broken off and Guzman, who purposely ignored the warnings of other drivers, failed to stop. He said he was afraid of being stopped by police. Other driver’s radioed him on the CB but Guzman, a Mexican native, didn’t understand English.

Duane and Janet Willis’ van struck the assembly which pierced the gas tank, exploding the van and trapping the young Willis children inside. No human being should die like that – much less six children.

The horrific deaths of the Willis children ignited a federal investigation into how Guzman managed to get a commercial driver’s license or CDL.The resulting investigation, Operation Safe Roads, exposed a heinous bribery scheme in George Ryan’s Secretary of State’s office: Pay a bribe, get a license.

From driver’s licenses to vehicle stickers, Ryan & Co. collected their kickbacks. Whistle blowers told their party bosses that unqualified people were receiving licenses and were promptly told to shut up and look the other way.  Unsafe driver’s who failed the driving test were put on the road. And people died.

A lot of people died – not just the Willis children.


The investigation determined that more than 2,000 tainted licenses were issued and all the while Ryan had been collecting cash payments, gifts and vacations at Jamaican villas. 80 defendants were eventually convicted in the wide-ranging scheme.

There are political motives behind this new legislation in Illinois to allow illegal immigrants to receive driver’s licenses too.

Of course, Illinois politicians are licking their chops over all those votes in the growing Hispanic community.

The corporate headquarters of State Farm Insurance is in Bloomington, Illinois–Sen. Bill Brady’s state senate district. They would benefit from this deal. Is State Farm twisting Brady’s arm?

How many unqualified drivers will be issued licenses this time? Who will be on the receiving end of the kickbacks? How many more people will die?

We need to put an end to the madness and say “no” to rewarding bad behavior.

Join me on December 4th in Springfield, Illinois to let lawmakers like Sen. Bill Brady and Sen. Christine Radogno know how you feel about their support for driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

Instead of rewarding bad behavior, we need to punish it.

We need legislation that ensures we have safe streets for the people of Illinois of every race, color, and creed. This new legislation that is being supported by the GOP establishment does not protect the people of Illinois.

For information about the protest, contact Amy at (312) 768-8683 or williamjpkelly@gmail.com.