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Election Board Confirms Smithburg Lying about Kelly’s Voting Records

Chicago, Illinois, March 4, 2012 – In a mailer sent to Chicago Republican voters recently, Tommy Smithburg, a candidate for 42nd ward committeeman, accused longtime Republican William J. Kelly of being a lifelong Democrat and “voting Democrat at least five times.” But a certified copy of Kelly’s voting record obtained on March 3, 2012 is proof that Smithburg is spreading bona fide falsehoods – not a smart thing to do in an election. 

“Now there is embarrassing proof from the Board of Elections that Tommy Smithburg is lying about my voting record,” said Kelly. “Saying that I’m a Democrat to Chicago Republicans is like saying to a Grabowski that Mike Ditka is coach of

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the Green Bay Packers. No one would believe it – which makes it a dumb, amateurish thing to do.

The voting record certified by Cook County Board of Elections Executive Director  Lance Gough reveals that William J. Kelly has voted straight Republican in every primary election – a sharp contrast to the clumsy claims of Smithburg and his staff.

According to Board of Election records, the only time Kelly took a Democrat ballot over the last twenty or years was in 1995 in order to vote against his nemesis, former Black Panther Defense Minster Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) who was running for Mayor of Chicago at the time. In 1994, Kelly ran as a Republican against Rush in the heavily gerrymandered first congressional district and exposed the sitting congressman’s $50,000 in back taxes, unpaid child support, and parking tickets on Chicago TV news.

Smithburg’s family has given tens of thousands of dollars to key Democrats and Republicans, including Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel and Dick Durbin.

The contributions have also “bought” Smithburg, who is 23 years-old with no experience, the endorsements of Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady, failed gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady, and former Gov. Jim Edgar – all who have personally received tens of thousands of dollars from the Smithburg family.

It would not be the first time Tommy Smithburg was caught in something embarrassing. The recent graduate was under investigation for a bizarre college hazing incident at Northwestern involving  midgets simulating sex acts and violent acts. Smithburg was the head of the fraternity.

“If Smithburg is willing to lie about this, what else is he willing to lie about?” said Kelly.