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VIDEO: Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady Owes Republicans an Apology


Dear Fellow Republicans,

There has been some “controversy” about the State Central Republican Committee meeting on April 13. But out of respect for the victims of the bombings at the Boston Marathon  and their families, I waited to speak about it.

Now it is time to put the protest in its true perspective. Make no mistake about it: April 13th was a major turning point for Illinois Republicans. To the everyday Republicans that came to speak out, let me say how very proud I am of you.

GOP chairman Pat Brady’s arrogance was on full display as he – one again – disrespected rank-and-file Republicans. He lied. He denied public comment until after executive
session. He told people that it would be 20 minutes and, instead, made people wait three hours to deliver a two minute statement. Even grandmas in wheelchairs and
walkers. He called the police again and again and treated Republicans like less than animals.

Here is the full account of what happened with links to video.

But an amazing thing happened that day: Republicans stood up and made their voices heard. We bore witness to why the Illinois GOP continues to fail. People took photos,
posted comments on Facebook, tweeted, and shared videos – and people saw with their own eyes what really transpired. Pat Brady may have some good friends and supporters
in the liberal media – but pictures and video don’t lie. Republicans made a difference and finally things may be beginning to change.

Now, there are some who were upset about the chanting and the protest. To those people, I say that this is just the beginning. Pat Brady and some of the members
of the State Central Committee have lied to Republicans for too long. Brady has made it his mission to work against conservatives, sabotaging them behind-the-scenes.
He has divided the party. What kind of GOP Chairman calls the police on little old Republican ladies?

No, GOP Chairman Pat Brady has no right to civility after what he had done to hurt Republicans.

What happened on April 13th is what we, as conservatives, need to do more of – not less. We have been “respectful” for too long and have been taken advantage of.
We haven’t engaged in enough protest to keep the pressure on GOP leaders on issues ranging from pension reform and taxes to drivers licenses for illegal immigrants
to Obamacare. That’s why we have GOP leaders helping Democrats pass bad legislation. And that’s why, if we hope to win elections in 2014, we cannot stop our protest  until GOP Chairman Pat Brady resigns – now and not later.

Voters deserve a two party system. They deserve a real Republican Party in Illinois – not one that has ceased to be relevant. Voters deserve more than a choice between
the Democrats and a corrupt Republican Party controlled by donors to Rahm Emanuel and riddled with cronyism.

The 2014 elections are just around the corner. The governor’s office and a U.S. Senate seat are at stake. We cannot let GOP Chairman Pat Brady spoil any more elections
for Republicans this time around.

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William J. Kelly


The Deceit of Bruce Rauner and his Rahm Republicans

Chicago, Illinois, April 2, 2013 – I have a few questions for some of my fellow Republicans: Why are you supporting Bruce Rauner as your 2014 GOP candidate for governor?

How can you claim the Republican mantle and not question Rauner’s connections to Rahm Emanuel and his history of Democrat pay-to-play style politics?

A few weeks ago, IR contributor Sam Pierce wrote a piece asking the same question of these Republicans who have aligned themselves with Rauner.  Pierce included a list of Rauner and his wife’s contributions to the Democrat Party and the left-wing political action committee, Emily’s List.

Pierce’s list is just the tip of the Democrat iceberg. Rauner’s relationship with Mayor Rahm Emanuel goes back more than a decade.

Recall that, back in 2001, FCC regulations were forcing SBC to divest itself of SecurityLink. So GTCR, Rauner’s firm, tapped Rahm Emanuel to use his influence with the Clinton Administration to make an exception. It was another sneaky insider maneuver. In the end, SBC financed all but $100 million of GTCR’s $479 million purchase of the firm. After less than six months, Rauner’s firm sold SecurityLink for $1 billion and made a quick $500 million in profit.

Rahm had no experience as an investment banker yet earned a $16.2 million paycheck in less than two years at Wasserstein Perella. Rauner and Rahm have been BFFs ever since.

For those that are not following it, Crain’s has also been reporting on Rauner’s contributions to Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell, a total of $300,000 in 2002. GTCR was already managing $110 million in pension funds for Pennsylvania’s State Employee Retirement System. After Rendell’s election,  Pennsylvania doubled its stake in GTCR funds to $226 million, earning GTCR more than $4 million in fees.

These “deals” don’t just happen out of thin air. Rauner is claiming to be the outsider reform candidate for governor. But his track record seems to be right out of the Pay-to-Play Handbook. Blagojevich is probably taking notes from his cell.

Still, Illinois Policy Institute’s John Tillman has been touting Rauner in interviews saying that Rauner (and Tillman’s business partner, Dan Proft of corrupt Cicero fame) – are the only people with the vision “bold” enough to be governor.

Exactly, what “vision” would that be? So much for the “apolitical” Illinois Policy Institute’s 501c3 status.

Of course, a board member of the Illinois Policy Institute sits on Rauner’s exploratory committee for governor. Jack Roeser also sits on Rauner’s board.

There are others on Rauner’s board that are of note – Citadel’s Ken Griffin – a major campaign bundler to Barack Obama ($200,000) and top contributor to Rahm Emanuel.  Between Griffin and his wife, a former executive with Soros Funds, they have contributed in excess of $200,000 to Rahm. The massive contributions have paid off.  According to city records, Griffin has regular private access to Emanuel.

Griffin has a history of funding liberal Republicans and powerful Democrats – thousands to Richard Daley, Rahm Emanuel, and ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich among others. He’s also been funding all of the John Tillman/Dan Proft political action committees and candidates.

Now I have heard some “conservatives” claim that Rauner’s relationship with Rahm is not an issue. In fact, recently, one Republican strategist said on FOX Chicago that this just shows Rauner “can work with people to get things done.”

Work with people? Rauner appears to have a habit of using his Democrat political connections to enrich himself. That’s not “working with people.” That’s insider games. That’s the pay-to-play politics of the “Combine.” That’s supposed to be what we, as Republicans, are against. But, then again, we have had many so-called Republicans who participate in “Combine” schemes with the Democrats.

Some people plead with me to keep hush-hush about this stuff, arguing, “Bill, it’s not illegal.”

But very little is “illegal” in our corrupt political system. The politicians who benefit from these practices have made sure of that. Those “conservatives” that claim a leadership mantle and then endorse corrupt candidates and practices are the highest form of hypocrite. The highest form of hypocrite being a life form less advanced than an amoeba. That may be insulting to the amoeba but there it is.

It’s pretty clear to me why these “Republicans” are supporting Bruce Rauner. He has the kind of money that can help fund candidates and policy institutes and the like. But if Republican leaders are going to form alliances with Obama bundlers and Rahm Emanuel’s top advisors – why stop there?

If these Illinois conservative are willing to go along with Bruce Rauner and his friend Rahm Emanuel, why don’t they just go all the way and make a direct fundraising appeal to socialist billionaire George Soros?

Republicans who are supporting Bruce Rauner have some serious explaining to do. What has Rauner promised you and what have you promised him and his friends in return?

GOP primary voters are waiting to hear your answers. Unfortunately, I believe I already know.


Bill_headshot_1Chicago, Illinois, March 19, 2013 – On April 13, Republican William J. Kelly will make an updated announcement about his plans for the 2014 election season. In 2010, Kelly ran for Illinois comptroller, coming in second in a three-way race.

“It is no mystery that I have been exploring another bid for Illinois comptroller in 2014,” Kelly says. “On April 13, I will give my supporters an update about my intentions.”

Kelly says he would take on Topinka again in 2014. “After four more years of Topinka, Illinois is worse – not better off. The state’s fiscal situation has grown dire. Illinois has been downgraded again and again. Our pension system is in crisis. And Topinka shares a big part of the blame.”

Kelly points out that Topinka, as a state legislator, regularly supported budgets that skipped pension payments. She served three terms as state treasurer and supported the ill-conceived 1994 pension ramp-up bill. She still maintains one of the highest political pensions in Illinois, having pocked hundreds of thousands of dollars, and has defended the gold-plated pensions of state bureaucrats.

“I have run against Topinka before and I can do it again,” Kelly says.

Kelly says that he continues to be disappointed with the Illinois GOP leadership, who along with Topinka, recently supported a law to give state drivers licenses to 250,000 illegal immigrants. The Illinois Association of Police Chiefs and all but three Illinois sheriffs opposed the law. Kelly’s organization, Safer Families Coalition, led opposition to the law.  He says he is also concerned about top donors and advisers to Rahm Emanuel buying influence within the Illinois GOP. 

Kelly says that his updated announcement will be based on whether Pat Brady is forced to resign his Illinois GOP chairmanship. He has called for Republicans to rally on April 13 at the Republican State Central Committee meeting in Chicago, which will decide Brady’s fate.

“The Illinois GOP needs new leadership now. That is why I have been leading the charge to replace Pat Brady since 2010,” Kelly says. “We need leadership that knows how to win elections and not lose them. We need a GOP that offers real change to the people of Illinois and not the corrupt politics of the past and present. We have an opportunity to rebuild the Illinois GOP and the time to do that is now.”



RNW_Pat-Brady_v1In February, I called for a rally in protest against Pat Brady at a fundraiser he organized for a major Democrat donor. Due to mounting pressures, the fundraiser was cancelled. Now I am calling on conservatives to protest again on April 13th at the next Republican State Central Committee meeting (SCC) in Chicago, which will decide Brady’s future as GOP chairman.

This will determine whether Republicans have any shot at winning any statewide office – including the governor’s office which is up in 2014.

The civil war taking place right now in the Illinois GOP is very real and the stakes are high. The GOP establishment is clinging for dear life to hold on to power. The power to cut deals with Democrats. The power to extract a crumb from the Illinois pie of political largess. The fiscal pie isn’t nearly as appetizing as it used to be but pie is pie.

In the process of trying to extend Pat Brady’s reign as Illinois GOP chairman, many so-called Republicans “leaders” have exposed themselves. Can you be a real conservative Republican and support Pat Brady? No, you can’t.

Of course, the mainstream liberal media has become Brady’s biggest cheerleader, claiming that the Illinois GOP is doomed without him. Last week, Rep. Tom Cross and Sen. Mark Kirk were forced to step in to derail the SCC vote on Brady’s ouster. This is the same Rep. Tom Cross who cut a deal with Democrats to implement Obamacare two years early in Illinois in 2012. In January, Cross joined other Republican “leaders” like Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, Sen. Bill Brady, and former Gov. Jim Edgar in helping Democrat leaders pass a bad bill to grant driver’s licensees to thousands of illegal aliens – against the protests of Illinois law enforcement.

Is this is what counts as “Republican” leadership? Apparently, the answer is “yes.”

A few Republicans have called Brady the best Illinois GOP Chairman we have ever had. The best chairman we have ever had? The standards must be extremely low.

Brady has lost election after election in 2010 and 2012. He has targeted conservatives for defeat. He has made it personal. He has divided the party. He won’t support the GOP party platform and uses his position to lobby GOP legislators against it. He honors major Democrat donors like John Rowe of Exelon and relies on donors like Ken Griffin, a major bundler for Barack Obama and contributor ($100,000) to Rahm Emanuel. Brady has hanged his hat on his ability to raise millions of dollars for the Illinois GOP in 2012. But how much of that money was from the RNC cannibalizing Illinois for donations for use out-of-state?

By any definition, Pat Brady is a failure.

For too long, the Illinois GOP has been run by liberal Republicans who are more than happy to cut deals with the Democrats. Former Sen. Peter Fitzgerald referred to this corrupt cabal as the “Combine.” And that they are. But, in addition to cutting backroom Democrat deals, these Republicans also aggressively support the liberal progressive agenda.

That is why the GOP leadership has an abysmal track record in Illinois, including Judy Baar Topinka, who gifted the U.S. Senate race to Barack Obama, and Andy McKenna, another failure, who personally tapped Brady for chairman. That is why the Illinois GOP has a sordid history as bad as the Democrats – from Gov. George Ryan to Stuart Levine and Bob Kjellander. That is why people like Brady have targeted conservative candidates for office behind-the-scenes, telling donors not to fund their campaigns. And that is why grassroots organizations that could make the critical difference remain underfunded or unfunded. It’s not just bad management or stupidity on Brady’s part – its intentional.

This civil war is reaching a new level as we prepare for 2014.

Top Democrat advisers and billionaire contributors to Rahm Emanuel are working overtime to influence peddle within the Illinois GOP. As usual, money talks and principles are coming in a very distant second. It is now becoming clear which Republican “leaders” have already sold out their values.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Kelly Announces Voter Effort to Repeal Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Chicago, Illinois, January 27, 2013 – This afternoon, Gov. Pat Quinn signed SB 957 into law, granting illegal aliens state-issued driver’s licenses in Illinois. The new law does not require fingerprinting, a valid passport, or proof of auto insurance. 66d7a47b69b22ed4ac5bc0881e97355d

William J. Kelly, Chairman of Safer Families Coalition says that it work tirelessly for a repeal of the bill because it represents a serious threat to public safety.

“This bill has been fast-tracked from the beginning. The citizens of Illinois did not want this bill. Law enforcement did not want this bill,” said Kelly. “Politicians wanted this bill for political reasons, not public policy. It’s just more pay-to-play politics in Illinois. But Safer Families will work for the repeal of this terrible bill by any means necessary.”

Kelly says that politicians not only ignored the strong opposition from law enforcement but participated in dishonest tactics to get the bill to the Illinois house floor. Kelly says the group will organize a state-wide petition drive to put a referendum on the ballot.

“Keep in mind that 16 of 18 states that had similar legislation have already repealed it,” Kelly says. “I guarantee you we will be the 17th.

The Illinois Association of Police Chiefs strongly opposed the bill. Only three Illinois sheriffs supported the measure. Sheriff Mark Curran who recently compared U.S. immigration law to Nazis was the only member of law enforcement to testify in favor of the bill.

Driver’s license fraud is rampant in the states that have granted driver’s licenses for undocumented workers. In June, nine people were arrested in a national driver’s license fraud ring in New Mexico involving the sale of hundreds of illegal licenses to foreigners in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Documents like rental agreements, utility bills, vehicle titles, and proof of insurance were forged to get the licenses. Illinois currently has a problem with a Chinatown driver’s license ring being investigated by the FBI involving the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) has made past statements against the use of consular IDs, saying they invite fraud. But the ICIRR recommended the use of consular IDs in the Illinois legislation. Consular IDs – not valid passports – are the only requirement.

“All we have heard from SB 957’s proponents in Springfield is that we – the people of Illinois – need to “trust them” on this bill. Illinois politicians tell us that they know what they are doing and there won’t be any fraud or abuse. But Illinois politicians haven’t earned our trust.”

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