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Anger over IL GOP’s Attempt to “Bamboozle” Delegates


Chicago, Illinois – The Illinois Republican State Convention begins this Friday, June 8 at the Tinley ParkConvention Center. But activists are already worried that corrupt practices will threaten to undermine the voting rights of registered Republican delegates.

Scores and scores of Illinois Republican voters have complained that they are being denied the opportunity to be a delegate at this year’s convention. After multiple requests, the Illinois Republican Party has yet to release the official list of delegates attending the convention.

The corrupt practices have angered activists and voters alike and officials are fearful that delegates will fight back on the convention floor on Friday and Saturday.

“The Illinois Republican Convention is a historic opportunity for GOP delegates to vote on critical issues like ‘direct elections,’” says William J. Kelly, longtime taxpayer watchdog and candidate for Republican National Committeeman. “But, already, some leaders in the State Central Republican Committee are engaging in dirty backhanded tactics that threaten both the spirit and principles of what the party was founded on.”

Even former Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, long held in esteem for his ethics, has himself urged a return to direct elections in Illinois.

But there is a new sense of urgency in the fight for direct elections.

Last week, Illinois Republican leaders voted for early passage of ObamaCare, gambling expansion, tax increases, and no pension reform. Without direct elections, Illinois GOP leaders can continue to vote for legislation without fear of reprisal from Republican voters.

However, the real question is how will delegates to the convention react? Will Illinois conservative and Tea Party organizations fight back? Or will they attend CPAC Chicago instead?

On Friday and Saturday, convention delegates, in theory, will also vote on candidates for Republican National Committeeman and whether or not to maintain the conservative planks in the party platform.

Currently, there are three candidates for Republican National Committeeman – they include: Rich Williamson, Alexander “Sandy” Stuart, and broadcaster William J. Kelly.  Rich Williamson is the current National Republican Committeeman and Alexander “Sandy” Stuart, a fundraiser for the Illinois GOP, is currently under fire for questions surrounding a downstate fundraising scheme with campaign bundlers to Barack Obama.

But corrupt practices threaten to undermine that voting process as well.

In an email to the candidates, Deb Detmers, Chairman of the selection committee, said that it is the committee’s goal to supply the delegates with one choice for national committeeman.

  “In the spirit of true democracy, shouldn’t the delegates know the names of all the candidates for Republican National Committeeman?” says Kelly. “I think the committee will attempt to bamboozle the delegates by submitting to them only one name for consideration.”

After Kelly requested a list of the selection committee members, Detmers again lashed out at him Friday afternoon.

“After I asked her for the list on the phone, she [Detmers] accused me of questioning her integrity and hung up,” says Kelly. “I may not have questioned Detmers’ integrity – but the federal government already has.”

Previously, Detmers was the Finance Director for former convicted Gov. George Ryan, currently serving a 6 ½ year prison term on federal corruption charges. She was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony at trial. She admitted under oath that she took taxpayer money while serving as Ryan’s political director and that she was aware of Ryan’s “aggressive fundraising” tactics but said “I didn’t do anything.”

The Illinois State Central Republican Committee has a fine history replete with corrupt leaders. GOP Chair Pat Brady took over the role of National Republican Committeeman from Bob Kjellander, who was named as “Individual A” in the guilty plea agreement of former Blagojevich aide Lon Monk that he conspired to kickback $500,000 to convicted felon Antonin “Tony” Rezko.

Again, Brady was one of those candidates “recommended” to convention delegates by the “selection committee.” He was also the only candidate in the running when Andy McKenna suddenly announced he was resigning for GOP Party Chair.

Kelly is calling on all delegates to vote “no” if they receive a ballot that does not contain his name. This will force the committee to include all three candidates for National Republican Committeeman on the ballot – not just the selection committee’s handpicked candidate.

The three candidates for National Republican Committeeman will also be speaking to the committee on Friday at 12:30 p.m. “We want all delegates to attend and hear all three candidates speak and make their own decisions. They have a right to know and a right to vote for the candidate of their choice,” says Kelly.

Delegates should plan to attend the Illinois GOP convention on Friday, June 8, and Saturday, June 9, and to stay the day to influence the rule-making process on direct elections, the Republican National Committeeman race, and the language of the party platform.




ObamaCare is signed into law.

Chicago, IL – Republicans, conservatives,  and tea party activists are livid over the betrayal of trust in last week’s sneaky move by some in the State GOP leadership to vote to implement ObamaCare two years early inIllinois. Read about the dirty Arlen Specter-style scheme here at Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform.

However, the real question is not: how did this happen? But why?

Perhaps the answer can be found by looking at the relationship between major Democrat campaign donors and the Illinois GOP Party establishment.

Over the last few weeks, Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform (ICER) has reported on a very disturbing pattern: The Griffins – major campaign bundlers to Barack Obama ($230,000) and Rahm Emanuel ($200,000) – donors who worked for George Soros – funding the Illinois Republican Party and other so-called “conservative” groups.

After ICER’s reports, Crain’s Chicago Business, Springfield Journal Register and Republican News Watch, among others, reported on a questionable funding scheme – a shell game of massive contributions between these Obama-linked donors and downstate political organizations – contributions that eventually funneled their way back to the Illinois Republican Party’s coffers and went unreported. Unfortunately, the funding scheme has put the Illinois GOP’s finances under scrutiny, and for that, GOP Party Chairman Pat Brady must take full responsibility.

However, in light of the vote on ObamaCare last week, the relationship between Obama’s top donors and members of the Illinois GOP raises even more questions. Questions that include:

–          What was it that caused the Griffins to bundle more than $230,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign? What did Barack Obama say to them? Do we entrust our party to those who place bets on both teams, waiting opportunistically for the political winds to change?

–          In 2009, Griffin’s former boss, George Soros, pledged five million dollars to President Obama’s Healthcare for America Now (HCAN) to bankroll the fight for the “public option.” Was it the President’s healthcare reform ideas that floated their political boat?

–          Rodney Davis, who was just “named” by Illinois GOP leaders to be the ballot replacement for Rep. Tim Johnson in the 15th district, has admitted he was behind the scheme between the Soros-linked Griffins and downstate political organizations to funnel money to the Illinois GOP. Coincidence?

–          Why are these same Obama bundlers behind funding John Tillman, Andy McKenna, Dan Proft and their array of political action committees operating out of the so-called Illinois Policy Institute, a 501c3 “educational organization,” which served as a front group to target conservative candidates for defeat in the recent March primary? What have they promised the Obama’s top contributors?

–          What do these Obama bundlers want from the Illinois Republican Party? And what has the Pat Brady and the Illinois GOP promised them in return?

–          Was it mere coincidence that five lame duck Illinois GOP state senators voted for the HB 5007 to provide cover for four downstate Democrats who would have been hurt by voting for the ObamaCare bill?

–          What did Rep. Tom Cross get out of cutting the ObamaCare deal? Over the years, the Griffins have given Cross well in excess of $60,000 in contributions.

The problem conservative Republican and Tea Party voters face in Illinois is that it is impossible for us to determine what politicians actually represent our cause. We do not know who is really on our side. At least, Democrat politicians are honest in their dishonesty. We know what they believe in: progressive political policies that empower government, not people.

But too many Illinois Republican officials play both sides of the political fence. They “lie in wait,” amassing political power and, once they have achieved it, they vote with Illinois Democrats on key legislation – legislation that is anathema to the voters they were elected to represent. Like ObamaCare.

In Illinois, the pattern is always the same: Thompson, Topinka, Pat Brady, Tom Cross, McKenna and those that are allied with them.

 The reason that this happened is because there is an imbalance of power in the Illinois Republican Party. The power does not lie with conservative, Tea Party, or Republican voters.

So how do we fight back? How do we change this political equation? How do we shift the power away from Democrat-backed Illinois Republican party leaders?

The Illinois Republican Convention on June 8th and 9th. June 8th is when the Republican State Central Committee makes the real decisions about the party’s future.  So will Tea Party and conservatives fight back on June 8and show the Illinois Republican Establishment their outrage over Illinois ObamaCare? Or will they go to CPAC Chicago?

 Every conservative and every Tea Party activist needs to go to the Convention – regardless of whether they are a delegate or not. We need to speak out and protest on behalf of returning voting power back to Republican primary voters. We need a vote on direct elections at the convention.


 I am also running for National Republican Committeeman to represent our state. In this, Doug Ibendahl and Cathy Santos of Republican News Watch suggested to me that – in the spirit of direct elections – the National Republican Committeeman Selection Committee – should offer all the candidates to the delegates at the Convention for a floor vote – not just their “one” selection. 

 I wholeheartedly agree. Why would the State Republican Central Committee offer only “one” name to the delegates? Does that sound like democracy to you?

If you are truly angry about the ObamaCare vote betrayal, plan to be at the Illinois Republican Convention on June 8th and 9th.

Vote for direct elections and restore voting power to Republican voters and make the Illinois GOP establishment accountable once again.

Demand that the State Republican Central Committee offer all of the candidates for National Republican Committeeman to the delegates for a vote.

We can have a real Republican Party in Illinois– but only if we work together and fight back to restore fundamental Republican principles to our party.


Find out more about the Illinois Republican Convention here and why direct elections are so important.

Read more about my platform and vision for National Republican Committeeman here. 

Read the resolution for Direct Elections here.

Hear and read William J. Kelly’s exclusive interview with Patrick Buchanan here. 

Kelly Releases Statement, Platform for Bid for National Republican Committeeman

Statement from William J. Kelly:

The political road we choose as Republicans is more critical to the future of our State and country than ever before.  That is why we need good, principled leaders to choose the right road and to march down it without looking back.

That is why I am running for National Republican Committeeman.

The Illinois Republican Party is at a crossroads and it has been at one for some time: Are we the party that conspires with corrupt Democrat politicians and inIllinoisor the Party that former President Ronald Reagan would have been proud to call his philosophical home?

Are we the party that truly represents conservative principles, honest government, entrepreneurism, and individual liberty? Or are we the party that cuts deals with Democrats to ravage taxpayers, votes for gambling expansion, and Obamacare when we think voters are not looking i.e. before Memorial Day weekend?

Further, are we the party that defends the Republican Party platform or purposely remains mute when it is violated? Are we the party that is beholden to Republican primary voters or major donors who play both sides of the political fence waiting for the winds of self-interest to shift?

In other words, does the Illinois Republican Party stand for something? Or does it stand for nothing?

For any candidate running in earnest to represent the State ofIllinoisas National Republican Committeeman, there should not be a moment’s hesitation about where his or her true Republican loyalties lie.

As National Republican Committeeman representing Illinois in the Republican National Committee, there will be no doubt of my Republican loyalties and I make this promise: that I will fiercely defend the Republican Party platform from anyone so cowardly, deceptive, and selfish enough in our party to work against it.

As a teenager onChicago’s Southside, a place bereft of Republican influences, I was inspired by the bold vision of Ronald Reagan.

In 1993, after Bill Clinton had me removed from a townhall meeting for asking him about his broken promise of a middle class tax cut, the die was cast: I was a Republican for life.

In 1994 as part of Newt Gingrich’s Republican revolution, I ran against former Black Panther Defense Minister Rep. Bobby Rush and exposed his $50,000 in back taxes, unpaid child support, and parking tickets.

In 1995, I filed a federal lawsuit against the first and fourth Congressional districts charging that they were gerrymandered and unconstitutional. 43rd ward Republican committeeman Chris Cleveland was an expert in that suit which made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. We lost 6-3 but we…fought.

Since then, for me, the battle for honest government – Republican government, conservative government – has never ended and never will.

So what will I do as Republican National Committeeman? Here’s my multi-point platform and vision:

1. As National Republican Committeeman, I will focus my efforts on coalition building, good will campaigns, and reshape our party’s fundraising strategy. We will focus on building donor relations with Republicans and conservatives –instead of major campaign bundlers for Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel.

2. I will help refocus our party’s efforts on ethical fundraising, not schemes that raise the specter of financial impropriety or smack of “political money laundering” to evade campaign finance limits.

3. I will fight to ensure that the Illinois Republican Party becomes a big tent party – big enough to include conservative candidates and free market Republicans once again.

4. I will support SB35 which calls for direct elections of State Republican Party leaders on the State Central Committee. This will bring accountability to our party and restoreIllinoisto a two party political system once more.

5. I will call on current Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady to resign from his position. It is my opinion and those of many other Republicans that he has injured the Party’s efforts inIllinoisthrough his: election losses, loss of remap control, schemes that have called into question to party’s finances, and direct interference in Republican primary campaigns.

6. Finally, I will defend the Republican Party platform at all costs, call out, and put public pressure on those Republican candidates and leaders that work against it.

I am speaking to every Republican now; I urge everyone to attend the Illinois Republican Convention on June 8th AND 9th inTinley Park.  June 8th is when the committee makes the real decisions about the party’s platform and future leadership. June 9th is when the voting takes place. Ask your county chairman if you can attend as a delegate so that you can vote at the convention. But even if you are not a delegate, attend as a voter so that you can see what is happening in your party.

On June 9th, there will be a floor vote called. If there is any name offered to you for National Committeeman other than “William J. Kelly,” please vote “NO.” As a delegate, you can demand that the National Committeeman Selection Committee reconvene and include my name as a candidate.

In short, I am calling on you – the Republican delegates to the Illinois Republican Convention – to demand real reform on June 8th and 9th by demanding the right to vote for me, William J. Kelly, for National Republican Committeeman.

My current opponents are two party insiders – one, Rich Williamson, the current Republican National Committeeman and Sandy Stuart, who is in charge of fundraising for the Illinois Republican Party and involved the party in some serious fundraising questions this year.

If I am elected your Republican National Committeeman, I will act on behalf of the Republican primary voters and their interests – not the interests of insiders. I will work to give the Illinois Republican Party back to the people – right where it belongs.

William J. Kelly